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25 April 2022 art

 Made in Procreate. April 25, 2022

Looks like owls to me.

Made in Procreate April 24, 2022  

Today’s art.

 Today’s art. Made in Procreate. For some reason I love B&W with a bit of color mixed in. 

Artsy craftsy…

 Another mandala inspired art piece and 1/3 of an embroidery sampler done. Trying to practice different stitches before trying a real embroidery project as I’ve only done cross stitch in the past. 

21 April 2022 Mandala

 Made in Procreate by me. April 21, 2022

4-20-2022 Mandala


More art


I love Black and White designs.


Sunday art

 Made in Procreate - April 3, 2022.