10 July 2020

Fitness update.

Remember when this was going to be my fitness journey blog?  Ahh life.

I replaced my Fitbit with an Amazfit Bip S (affiliate link) instead.  It was about half the price of the new Charge 4.  The software isn’t maybe as refined as Fitbit’s but it does the job.  It’s a plastic body but since these things seem to get updated and replaced every few years, I am okay with that, especially given the price difference.  I enjoy how light it is considering it looks more like a smart watch than a sleek tracker. Good battery life if you don’t want all of the extra notifications on.  The screen is always on, but not really readable in the dark without turning it on because it is reflective.   Also I am a sucker for being able to replace the bands and it uses a standard watch band instead of a proprietary one.

Also we stopped walking.  It is summer in California.  MS in the heat is annoying enough. Adding a 1-2 hour walk in a mask every day was okay in the 70s, but a no go in the 80s-100s.  I didn’t want to lose progress though, so we swapped the walks for actual 30 minute workouts inside.  We are using the Body Project videos on YouTube.  Mainly because they are low impact and we can actually do the whole videos without needed to stop.  Right now we are doing 3 days a week but I feel like I will add a 4th alone because I noticed that if I am working out one day and  resting the next I am fine, but miss more than a day and the MS tingles show up very angry and make getting back on track difficult.  Mostly taking it day by day.  If one of us feels up to it and the other doesn’t, they we can do one alone or we try to find a yoga to deal with whatever needs to be stretched most at least.

Both the hubs and I have lost quite a bit from our highest.  He is down about 25 lbs.  I am down about 50 lbs.  Still overweight but at my highest I was nearly 250 pounds.  I am now under 200.  How much fluctuates so I just kind of leave it under 200 and know that is a huge improvement.   Cannot give the Team Body project videos themselves all of the credit,  because they are a newer addition but we’re both losing and/or maintaining still, so they definitely help.  Kind of at a plateau now, but still working on it.

Also we just mostly eat veggies, rice, potatoes, and the like at home.  Usually low calorie sauces.  Limited plant based meats, etc.  Twice a week we splurge for dinner, usually from our local vegan Thai place or from Fatburger (impossible for me, regular burger for the hubs).  Sounds a lot harder than it is.  You kind of lose your taste for most junk when you just aren’t eating it.

Picture this...

As an adult have you ever realized that something you experienced for your whole life was not how most others would experience the same thing? I am coming to that realization about myself now.

When people ask you to picture something, can you actually see that thing in your mind?  Because I cannot.  I didn’t know that when people count sheep, they can visually see sheep in their minds.  I thought flashback scenes in tv shows and movies were idealized versions of how we would like to see things from our past and a tool for the audiences, not that people could actually replay scenes in their minds that way. When you think of someone, you see their face in your mind?  Because I do not. I feel the memories and can describe them somewhat but obviously not as clearly as people who are seeing these things.  For me, it is more like narration.

I found this, new to me, truth on accident.  I recently took up meditation and I was finding that some just didn’t work well for me even though I liked them and the style felt comfortable to me.  So I was trying to figure out why I was struggling with them.  And that is when I realized that some guided meditations have you picturing this and that and then this again.  Cool for people who are actually seeing those scenes in their mind.  Because my mind’s eye is, I guess, blind(?)  I need more time to picture that. If you suggest that  I close my eyes and “picture” a beach, I would not see a beach. I would see darkness and maybe hints of a blob of color.  I would still be imagining the beach.  But instead of a picture I would be thinking something like “Sand, playground, water, birds, rocks, shells, kids playing....”  That takes much longer than seeing a picture in your mind I suppose.  I was still relaxed through most of my meditation sessions, but some had me not able to really enjoy the practice because it was moving too fast for how I “picture” something.  To me “picture this” is a figure of speech.  Imagine? Yes!  Picture it?  Not even a little bit.

Realizing that most people’s imaginations and memories are a completely different style from yours is a very weird experience.

I have been thinking of it on and off since I realized all of this last night. Having an internal monologue with myself.  I guess in some ways I am missing something.  It would surely make trying to art or craft easier if I could picture what I want to do.  Then again, I feel like this way I have to think when I was to “see” something.  I guess there is an advantage to that.

This apparently has a name: Aphantasia.  They don’t know a lot about it.  Some are born with it, some are this way due to trauma, some people on the Autism spectrum have it. I do have MS, so maybe that plays a role, but I really don’t remember even seeing pictures like that, not even before the MS, so probably not.  Whatever the cause, it doesn’t affect my life as it is just how I have always been.  I can see dreams sometimes, but even most of those are more like an audiobook than a movie.  Also apparently many who experience this do not like reading fiction.  I love reading fiction *shrug*. I guess some feel like they are missing something, not me, I didn’t know any of you were truly picturing a movie in your mind as you read.

22 March 2020

So the world is weird.

I live in Los Angeles.  The world is extra weird for us.  I’ve essentially been on isolation in a way since September when the collagenous colitis hit.  I am finally about 95% better, but still on meds.  We had planned to go to a Yaymaker paint nite a few weekends ago, but long before panic hit, my doctors had me avoiding crowds.  They told me then it was worse than we were being told.  So we had canceled.   We thought we’d go get a drink at LACMA, but it close then too.  Since then, basically everything but groceries, pharmacies, restaurants for take out has closed. 

Groceries are rough due to hoarders.  I’m not allowed to go to the grocery store even during special hours.  Trying to avoid my hubby having to go whenever possible.  We’re finally getting groceries again, but fruits / veggies / potatoes / etc are still in short supply.  Tough when you don’t eat meat, are lactose intolerant, and cannot eat raw veggies.  Most fruits and veggies are wiped out but lettuce / salad packs.  We’re tipping the delivery folks a little extra while we still can because they’re lifesavers right now. 

Also my mom is sending us a care package from somewhere that still get food.  

No toilet paper in weeks but we got us travel bidets.  My mom is worried about the fact that we must do laundry in a community laundry room, but we cannot have even portable washers here.  I wish we could at least have a real bidet installed or maybe a sprayer attached to the toilet, but we’re weird in that even know, we don’t wanna piss off the landlords, so honoring our lease but it’s gonna get rough if it keeps getting worse. 

There were three new cases in my neighborhood yesterday, one of which was one of the people who died.  So we’re being even extra careful now.  Wearing gloves on our walk, etc.  

But we’re alive.  Kitties are fine.  We’re fine.  We do a 30 - 60 minute walk around the neighborhood and avoid passing near others.  Wash our hands if we touch anything.  Shower after the walk.   Our complex is leaving doors open so no one has to touch them.  

Could be worse.  Could definitely be better.  If people would just stay home and actually keep their distance while doing necessary things, we’ll be fine.  Some are selfish and not doing that.  

Local  and state officials are doing all they can.  Feds? Not so much.  

Look after each other.  Stay safe.  Stay home.  If you must go out for meds or food, keep a safe distance.  We avoid walking by anyone too close on our walks.  Wash your hands if you touch anything from outside of your home, including delivery packages.  Hand sanitize if you touch something away from a sink and soap.  If your skin is sensitive have good moisturizer ready for all of the hand washing. 

Stay safe.  Keep your distance from anyone not in your home.  

10 March 2020

It’s been awhile

Not sure why I am posting again, other than it makes it easy for me to find all of these things. I think everyone I know gets updates from me directly or on social media. Still I realized I stopped posting here completely last year. So here’s my step stats for all of last year + so far this year.  My total step count for 2019 was 2,866,256,   Floor count for 2019 was 134.  That all comes out to 1,269.2 miles.  863,320 calories burned in 2019.  2020 started much like the end of 2019, but is starting to improve finally.

Right after my last post I started feeling pretty yucky. I won’t go into details but I ended up in urgent care twice, the ER once, and then had to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Never had a colonoscopy before but had endoscopy procedures twice before and hated them. This one was much smoother as I told them about my prior experiences and they made sure not to start until I was totally out of it. From those procedures they diagnosed me with Collagenous Colitis. I don’t recommend it.

 It was really bad from September until mid-January. They put me on a round of Budesonide and I am now starting to feel human again + the main symptoms are almost fully in remission. 

The hubs suggested we start doing walks together. So this month I’m working my way back to trying to hit my official FitBit goal of 7k steps and hoping to work back up to 10k days. I hit 10k yesterday for the first time since September.

I will say the giving up meat and limited dairy + the walks = I have lost about 45-50 lbs in the past two years.  There was some concern that being sick would cause weight loss in a less than ideal way, but since my weight fluctuates normally by about 5-10 lbs, I didn’t really notice much during that time.  At most I lost 4 lbs being sick.  I’m still not at my ideal weight.  I set my goal weight for something I think is achievable that would still be in overweight by about 10 lbs.  If I hit that weight, I may or may not set it for lower, today thought my goal is about 175.  I’m currently under 200.  At my highest I was almost 250.  So I’m already happy with the progress made.  Whether or not I can make 175 anytime depends on many things, but I am definitely trying.

11 September 2019

August Step Count

I keep wondering why I am holding onto my blog since I did the reset awhile ago.  I need to art again soon or something.  For now, I’m finally getting around to checking out August’s step count.  Not as bad as I thought it’d be considering the heat and humidity were worse than usual so I was mostly a lump in my chair those days.

13 August 2019

July Step count

I have been super lazy about posting because I’m mostly journaling the old school way / for myself.  And also no one I know is really on here anymore.  That said, here's my July step count.  Not as bad as I expected for Summer. 

01 July 2019

June FitBit step counts

Okay so there’s been enough going on that clearly I cannot keep up with weekly right now.  Here’s all of June’s step counts.  That really low step count day was when I was sick. My official goal on FitBit is set to 7k.  My unofficial goal is to hit that magic 10k number.  I expect it to be nearly impossible to hit 10k during the summer because Heat + MS = miserable me.  But we’ll see how it goes, maybe I’m wrong.  I do try to get at least 5k at night before bed, after midnight.  Makes hitting 7k much easier in hotter days.  Also because of that most of my total steps are taken in walks that FitBit counts as exercise.  That’s my only form of exercise until we set up the yoga mat area of the living room.


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