26 April 2018

Accepted a new profile

We decided not to wait before being offered new profiles.  I'm not getting any younger and while the first transfer failing did break our hearts a bit, the goal of parenthood hasn't changed.  No point in dwelling over what wasn't.  Time to move forward.  Not gonna lie, there have been a few serious cries. But, it happens.  Sometimes it takes more than one try.  We accepted the new profile.  Hoping this next transfer is it.  It should be as soon as my body will let it happen.  Probably May or June.

24 April 2018

First transfer failed

Had our first transfer.  It didn't stick.  Initial belief is it's one of those flukes.  Lining was fine, embryo was fine, transfer itself went really well.  Onto the next.

07 April 2018

Transfer date set

Our transfer will definitely happen this month!

I may be a little excited!  There's really nothing else to say beyond we could be well on our way to being parents soon!  Please, please work.  I don't want to have to do another cycle.  I will.  But, I really only want to deal with this all once.   The journey has been long enough thanks to the failed adoption clinic.

27 March 2018

The shaming of those dealing with infertility

One of the things that I have found during this journey toward parenthood is that people won't even think twice about shaming those of us dealing with infertility for not choosing the option they feel is best.

So you're adopting, why didn't you foster?  What is embryo adoption and why didn't you adopt?  Etc etc.

It is especially upsetting when it's coming from people who don't even know your situation.  Oh, we should adopt instead of doing embryo adoption?  Maybe if you knew what you were talking about, you'd know we did sign a contract with one of the country's larger, more established agencies.  We did pay up.  Then we found out they were taking on way way way more adoptive parents than they could ever find matches for, they begged us for more money, and finally closed with no warning or support despite laws in place that require they handle the closing differently.  And those people who ran the agency into the ground are now working in other adoption related businesses.  So if adoption is your answer for us, you may be suggesting we go back to the very people who took our money and ran.  No thank you.

You really shouldn't be shaming people for taking a different route to parenthood than you take in the same situation.  Especially if you don't know what led them to their decision.  Maybe they did try one or more of your preferred paths before ending up where they did.

23 March 2018

Follow up progesterone tests results

The follicle is still not producing progesterone, so yay!  On with our current calendar. 

No more tests until the lining check.  And if that goes well then we'll still be transferring in April.  

This week all that is going on IVF wise is that I decrease the Lupron and add Estradiol patches.

20 March 2018

3rd day of Lupron, so tired...

So far my injections are going well.  I am dealing with side effects though.  The first and least annoying is nausea.  It's a short little mild bout of it and it passes quickly but still within say 2 hours of the injections I do have about 5 minutes of nausea.  The real side effect for me is fatigue.  I have MS and one of my main MS symptoms is fatigue.  I once saw the level of MS fatigue described online where someone had said they had mono and didn't even realize it because they were just always so fatigued that it was normal.  I feel like MS kind of prepared me for this side effect but seriously, it's annoying.  I feel like I have enough energy to lay down and try to take a nap.  Been like that since I woke up.  I keep telling myself that it's worth it.  It totally will be.  That doesn't make me any less tired now though.

19 March 2018

Started Lupron

So apparently STAT lab results are awesome.  I did the bloodwork Saturday (yay to labs open on the weekend) and within a few hours our IVF clinic called to say that my progesterone levels were very low so I could start Lupron on Sunday as planned in our calendar.  Before starting the patches, I need to take another blood test to confirm we're still good.  For now we're still looking at a transfer in April.

I have now given myself two shots.  Pretty proud of myself as the whole time I was on MS meds that were in shot form, I never gave myself one without the use of the autojector.  So while I am a pro at shots, I was kind of a wimp when it comes to administering them.  I think it helps that this is a small needle.  I'd probably not be handling it so well if it were the larger needles.

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