Another day, another mandala

 Have had some allergy / sinus issues kicking my booty this week, so haven’t felt like arting much. Glad I found the energy to create this one though. 

Neurographic Art

Tried an art style I hadn’t heard of before. So here’s my first piece of neurographic art.  

Sunday Mandala

 I’ve been kind of stuck on Mandalas / mandala inspired art these days. Did start a new girl but I think she’s gonna take awhile. I like this style though. It feels like it goes so fast but an hour or two later I’ll notice the time and be surprised at how much time I’ve been at it. 


 Mandala’ish. Started in the center and worked my way out. Each row of lines was done without lifting my pencil. Just random squiggly marks and loops. Then colored it in randomly.

A girl and a mandala

 The face probably isn’t done, but she’s done for now so I am posting her anyway. The Mandala styled art is done. 

Today’s art

 Created in Procreate. Kinda love the colors the most. When I make mandala styled art, I start with the circles and then start adding lots of black squiggles. I especially love any doodles marks that look like they should be plants or antlers for some reason. 

May You Find Peace

 Today’s art is a wish most of us have for the whole world these days: MayYou Find Peace. Made in Procreate March 5, 2022

Today’s art = more doodled faces

 Doodling faces is probably my fave way to art. So that’s what I did today.

Two weeks to make a habit?