Stand with Ukraine

Inspired by all of the Ukranian women who have the guts to do things like approach armed Russian soldiers and hand them sunflower seeds. I drew her and did the base colors, my hubs painted the top layer of highlights and shadows. 


Today’s art

Using a dot brush for her hair worked much better than I expected. Yay for that. 


February 21, 2022 Mandala


Mandala styled art seems to be my go to now when I want to art but also don’t really feel like drawing. 


Her Feathered Friend

Today’s art. Actually pretty happy with it for the time I put into it. Especially loving the bird. 


 She’s not finished but she’s finished for today. Not sure the stars will stay, just wanted to fill the background a bit in case I don’t get back to her anytime soon. 

Another Mandala

Would have liked to put more time into today’s, but life happens. 
Turned out pretty good for the amount of time I put into it.


February 13, 2022 Mandala

Today’s art is another mandala! Been having fun with these. A lot more relaxing than when I try to draw almost anything else. 


Another Mandala

Usually I start the daily art the night before. Didn’t feel like arting last night, so I made this one today. Probably could have use a bit more work, but life and all of that, so I’m happy enough with it as is.


Today’s art

 Had a lot of fun with this one. Actually kind of love her, especially for something that took less than a day to create.

Love Mandala doodle

 Wasn’t feeling like arting last night, so rushed a Love doodle mandala kind of thing today just to get some art in.


Today’s art

Today’s art started out life as a mandala and quickly turned into something resembling a face. 


February 6, 2022 Mandala

 Another day, another mandala.  Not my fave, but I still enjoyed making it. 

February 5, 2022 Mandala

 Today’s mandala. Didn’t make one yesterday, did doodle a bit, just nothing done enough to post it. 

February 3, 2022 Mandala

 I wasn’t really feeling today’s mandala but it did feel good to just sit and doodle, so it served its purpose anyway. 

February 2, 2022 Mandala

 The hubs said that today’s mandala art reminded him of Beetlejuice and clarified that he meant that in a good way. As if I could ever take that as an insult?

February 1, 2022 Mandala

Today’s Mandala doesn’t feel done. But I am done working on it for today, so posting it anyway. 


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