23 May 2011

Comic'y Karina

Yesterday drew this comic’y version of my sister, based very loosely on her FB profile pic.

17 May 2011

True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now

True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now

True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now

Blood, sex, booze, monsters, fights - you know just what one expects in a vampy / True Blood comic.

In other words this ain't your kid's comic. So if you're out here blindly looking for something for the kids knowing that they like both vampires and comics? Well, run. This one is for mature audiences.

That said if you're are a member of said mature audience and you like True Blood, you'll probably be okay with this so long as you are a fan of comics/graphic novels/whatever you prefer to call them.

I won't ruin the storyline for you but it involves the main True Blood cast (as opposed to the Sookie Stackhouse book series - slight differences) being trapped in Merlotte's and needing to, shall we say, work their way out of their predicament in a very non traditional way. In other words it keeps the spirit of True Blood.

It felt as though they were still working out the looks of the characters, especially Sookie, as they worked on it or maybe they were just drawn by multiple people even within the same chapters -- this could throw some people. A few times it almost seems to be a spoof of the series, just for a brief moment or two. Still overall it's a pretty decent comic.

You don't really need to be into the show to read it - we get a feeling for who all of the characters are and how they relate to one another. It is missing the story of how the town came to accept vampires and shapeshifters though so if you want to understand that aspect you'd want to watch the show first. Otherwise it could be read as a standalone. 4/5 stars

16 May 2011

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

So the book is really a mix of concepts you've definitely seen before but all mixed together in one story. A group of children that would be considered old fashioned circus freaks become the peculiar children in Miss Peregrine's home.

Jacob was raised hearing stories about these children from his grandfather. Of course as he got older and older he came to realize his grandfather must surely be making these stories up. No children could possibly shoot flames from their hands, lift things that adults cannot, etc. Pictures can faked, right? As he watched his grandfather die, confused and depressed about what he saw Jacob falls into a deep depression. A counsellor convinces his family that yes, he should go learn about his grandfather's life back on the island where Miss Peregrine's home had been. Perhaps he'll reconcile the stories with the truth and get some peace of mind about who he grandfather was since he was still getting letters from there a mere 15 years earlier, perhaps someone is still alive to help him piece it all together.

Instead Jacob finds a bombed out building - as in bombed back in the war in 1940 and no one from that house was seen alive after. So how was his grandfather still hearing from his friends in this house?

Every time Jacob feels he's finding any answers, he gets hit with more questions.

There's people that make no sense. Time structures that make no sense. But then again, Jacob has never really made sense so for him it's all a welcome change of pace to his usual life.

I really debated between 3, 4, and 5 stars. There are parts of this book that really work well and I loved. Other parts that are just slow and drawn out. As I was reading I kept thinking to myself please please don't try to turn this into a series - keep it one story. Don't give it unnecessary bad guys just to stretch it out. And sure enough there at the end… Stretching out the story with bad guys it doesn't need. Clearly trying to turn it into the now mandatory trilogy. There is so much that could have been done with the story without all of that. In fact it almost seemed as though the main fight scene was an after thought.

In the end I can't ignore what it did wrong, but do feel it's better than 3 stars. I just hope that in the next book, which will surely happen, the author works out the kinks and realizes this is more about the peculiar children and the lives they're stuck with and less about those silly bad guys and the drama they bring - just kill them off and deal with the kids, their real battles didn't even require baddies when people like Jacob or minutes spent outside of the loop cause their real issues - glimpses of what they're missing. 4/5 stars

15 May 2011

Half a Faerie

So I did this in my pencil sketchbook:

Which I turned into this on the computer using Sketchbook Pro:

14 May 2011

Action Comics #900

Action Comics #900

Action Comics #900

Okay what I have to say is probably longer than the to do the news and blogs are making over this issue, so yeah there's that...

I'm a grown woman who must admit to being biased as I love, love, love Superman. I'm not such a geek that I can tell you who did what in what issue but I read my fair share, love the movies, pouted when Smallville ended tonight, etc. So when this issue came out I knew I had to read it instead of waiting for this arc to land in an Omnibus. Because of all of the 'don't buy this issue' campaigns, it of course sold out. Well I finally found it at a decent price, yay.

As someone who actually read the whole 96 pages my one sentence assessment of the drama is this - A big overblown drama by people who didn't read it and know nothing of comics.

My longer version of this? *SPOILERS* Well in one short story, Sumerman flies into Tehran fearing Ahmadinejad's regime will harm protestors as they had before. Superman gives us a speech about how he's good at fighting gimmicks but when it comes to everyday human issues and inhumanities, well, he's never been good at that... He doesn't actually try to stop anything. He just stands there, showing he's standing up for human rights. When the U.S. Government decides perhaps they need Kryptonite bullets to keep him in line as he's to take orders from THEM, as the world sees him as an representative of the U.S. government, he then decides well no he's for all humans. He's against violence and is for helping people, wherever they may be and rather than letting anyone on earth think he represents anyone specific he'll claim no citizenship. *END SPOILERS*

This is not such an unusual thing in comics. If you go back and look at comics from any generation you will find comics that will offend someone. Gender identities, issues of sexuality, political affiliations, race, nationality, whatever -- it's all been dealt with, sometimes brutally so, sometimes in way you'd find offensive at the time, sometimes in ways that were nice propaganda at the time but now are totally jaw dropping offensive. Comics are loved by kids but they do now and always have covered issues like this and if that offends you, fine but don't pretend it's new and shocking, it's not. Really the only thing that worries me about this issue is that sometimes these political figures are nearly forgotten 20 years later so kids who pick up old copies ask "Who?" history books don't always cover these guys so that one blurb in Superman may be all they know of that person.

There's been many a debate about if Clark Kent / Superman is "legal", a citizen. etc. He's been given citizenships (the comics presented them as real and honorary both I believe, I'd have to double check). But in the end if a comic book character says that helping all people and not playing political / national games = offensive to you then yup skip this and Superman, maybe comics in general, as he and they have never been for you.

Superman belongs to us all. If that's offensive, so be it. 5/5 stars

10 May 2011



There is this movie Marwencol and there is the city of Marwencol made by Mark Hogancamp. I'd give this movie 4 stars but Mark and his city 5 or more if I could.

Let's start with Mark and his city. He was beaten so badly that well I'm surprised he's with us today. Why? Because he said the wrong thing in a bar about himself - or so the five men who beat him claim. Mark has no real recollection of this as the beating stole his memories and therefore most of his life from him.

He's nursed back to life in the hospital - to a point. Eventually he learns there is no more insurance and therefore no help for him and he's basically alone in the world with a body and brain that still need help. So he does what many people do, uses art as therapy. Unlike what many people do, he took it to an all new level, creating his own town: Marwencol. Dolls, model kits, pieces of wood laying around - whatever he has and seems to fit into his storyline. He takes pictures of his various scenes. Oh and obviously along the way he gets discovered.

I'd give the movie the extra star except that it seems to struggle at times unsure of how to mix Mark's previous life, beating, and new life together. Did it want to tell us about who he was before all of this? About the beating at all? I am glad they made Mark and not the criminals the focus - he did that for himself by creating Marwencol, usually the bad guys get the focus. Still the movie didn't seem to know how to handle the incident. Part of this odd do we mix in all of the pieces or not feeling could be attributed to Mark himself having lost his memory and slowly getting some of it back in pieces. On the other hand they had resources beyond just Mark and were piecing it all together fine when they wanted to - so it left me a little confused.

Still I was inspired enough by it all that I ran off to the Marwencol web site and found that I could donate to the cause (as of the time of this review he's not selling his art but is accepting supplies). Needless to say, the same day I saw the movie (yesterday) I sent a few pieces that will hopefully inspire Mark back the way he inspired me and maybe make their way into Marwencol someday. 4/5 stars

09 May 2011

Comic Version of me 2011

Right so I couldn’t remember if I’d tried a comic self portrait of me since switching to Mac and using Sketchbook pro instead of my old sketching software on Windows. So since I just dyed my hair orange and took some new pics, why not? Of course I had to use the pic that had filters and had my hair all over the place and was already artsy which inspired me to make comic version of me even more artsy since hey it’s a comic version of me! It may need some more work, but I am tired.

03 May 2011

How I stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend

How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend

How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend

Thanks to his father's career as a therapist David Gershwin is used to experiencing people who make odd claims. Until he sees Zelda in his father's office he's never really taken much interest in these patients. Sure Zelda claims to be from Vahalal, to be three hundred and twenty five years old, and is a bit mean to David -- but hey she's cute and scares the heck out of grown men, what more could a fourteen year old boy want in a girl? Maybe to not have her searching for her chosen one (Johnny Depp) so that she can get back to her home planet with him, leaving David behind for good? Still what's a guy to do if he wants to spend time with his dream girl but help her on her quest.

I won't spoil anything but I do have a few minor issues with the book here and there. Whether you're believing she's an alien or are trying to find alternate answers for the craziness as you read, well, the generic answer for aging is just convenient, how authorities deal with assaults and dangerous people = iffy and also convenient. Some aspects felt a little rushed. Still it's a super fast fun read despite its occasional flaws. 4/5 stars

01 May 2011

Robot Trapped in Gears

Just playing around w/ gear shapes then random swirls, circles, lines and a bot in the midst of it all.


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