26 February 2011

Bunny Girl

I had a girl in a cat hat inspired by Dutchie cat taking over my lap as I tried to draw. That inspired me to draw a froggie girl for my sister. Made me wonder what animal hat girl I could do next, well tonight the answer came to me… Bunny!

Available at Zazzle on:

~ A notebook
~ A speaker
~ A bag
~ A necklace
~ An iPad case

24 February 2011

Time Marches On

It’s a little 4″x4″ canvas so I took a watch face, glued it on, glued coils that I had made ages ago when still doing jewelry for legs (didn’t have enough left for arms so drew those), Inktense Pencils for the watercolor background, markers for the eyes. May still color in the shoes or try to find my wire to make his arms match his legs… or maybe not. Undecided.

23 February 2011

Under the Tree

Still possibly a work in progress… or done… not sure. Actually really like how the dude’s afro looking hair turned out but when you do the size like this preview… doesn’t look as nice. Have to look at the bigger size. Hrmph. Eh well. Still need to work on making guys anyway. I suck at drawing male cartoony guys to go with my female cartoony girls.

21 February 2011

Return of the Dapper Men

Return of the Dapper Men

Return of the Dapper Men

As a big kid who prefers Young Adult books and comic books generally... As someone who still buys toys, for herself... etc. Well, it's not often that my mom pipes in to let me know I've made a made a mistake. No, not in making a purchase. Instead she wanted to let me know I had it sent to the wrong house. Mine. I clearly meant to send it to her house when I ordered this one. She took one look at the preview of this one and decided comics aren't all bad. Needless to say, she somehow magically does have it on the way to her door as well. I don't think she'll be disappointed.

This is definitely a book for kids of all ages. Whether it's comics you love. Or art. Or getting lost in a world that makes no sense. I happen to love all of these things, which caused a real dilemma. I'd read a panel but ooh now I have to exam the art closely and maybe re-read the panel after really looking at the art so closely. Yeah, it's that kind of a book. There are enough recaps of the story itself available, that I'll spare you that in my review.

I will say that it's also beautifully bound (hardcover is all that is available as I write this), reminiscent of an older style of book, and for a price I often see much lesser paperbacks sell for.

Definitely a must have if you love this medium or if you need that one comic to prove to someone that yes, there's even one for THEM, like my mom.... 5/5 stars

15 February 2011

The Fall

The Fall

The Fall

Right so the story is actually pretty simple - Stunt man is injured and ends up in the same hospital as a little girl. Little girl is basically adorable but also the nosy neighbor busy body of the hospital. Instead of playing with the kids her own age, she's always hopping from adult to adult doing what kids do best - asking "Why?" and getting in the way, exploring things they shouldn't explore, but smiling a smile that makes the adults forget the kid is in the way.

The stunt man, unable to get up and do his own dirty work figures this little girl is the perfect person to do it for him. He takes her in as his new best friend. Tells her stories. Gains her trust. All in an attempt to trick her into getting him the pills he needs to end it all. But in life things don't always go as planned.

It has all I could want in a movie -

Character interaction so good that the movie relies heavily on even while having other tricks up its sleeve (in this case stunning graphics) - check

Beautifully filmed - check

Even the aspects that you feel have been done before (c'mon nothing is 100% original) do feel new in the movie - check

Really it grabbed my full attention and didn't let go. I'm recommending that everyone I know see it. 5/5 stars

10 February 2011

Rainbow Heart Doll

Decided to give her a doll looking cheesy body since I suck at drawing bodies. I also hate trying to come up with and draw a decent background so you get hearts and dots and rainbows and somehow the favorite girl I’ve done yet I think. *shrug*

09 February 2011

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

As a new Doctor fan who hasn't seen the Classic stuff, I immediately picked up on what this was... some sort of in between. I also got an odd feeling. It's part BBC Doctor Who and part "Hollywood". I didn't really look to see who worked on this movie, but if wasn't Hollywood studios I'll be surprised. I've got nothing against Hollywood when they do their thing, but there are some things that just don't work as a Hollywood production or with a Hollywood feel. Doctor Who isn't their thing.

The Doctor is put in charge of getting The Master's remains back to Gallifrey. The remains get loose, hijack a human body and, of course, all hell breaks loose just in time for Y2K. The Doctor and his human doctor must make things right less we face a real end of the world doomsday scenario. And that's where the Hollywood feel comes into play. Big car chases through San Francisco freeways (complete with chickens blocking traffic). Big glitzy parties that the doctor's companion can just happen to get into when the doctor doesn't have his aliens tools handy. Etc.

The doctor was great. The Tardis was great. Everything else was just okay and would not have worked in the series, not today anyway.

I don't really like most Hollywood Sci-fi or most action movies... the feel in those movies that makes me not like them was all here. But there's just enough of what makes Doctor Who, well, Doctor Who to allow me to still give it 3 stars. It's okay. Just don't expect great things from it. If you want great and haven't yet been introduced to Doctor Who, skip this and go straight to the modern tv show. 3/5 stars

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