25 June 2017

Having babies takes a lot of paper...

For those of you who got pregnant naturally, I must admit that I envy your lack of paperwork!

Between IAC and now IVF, I am pretty sure we have killed off a small forest. We had filled out the initial clinic patient forms online. But they say their online form is acting up so they didn't get them (which I believe based on my experiences with it). I finally entered it all again, but printed the screen grabs before moving on so we can also just mail them tomorrow, just in case. The form kept taking me back to the main page mid-form without me clicking on anything. So frustrating. They need a better tech department apparently.

 I also printed my labs and pap and mammogram reports. To send those. I feel like I came close to wiping out the rather full paper tray supply at least. And that's from one rather routine appointment. It looks like the blood typing was canceled. I'd blame Quest as their history of messed up tests is why when given a choice I use LabCorp, but it looks like my OB/GYN just didn't draw enough blood for the tests and the typing both. That'll be easy to take care of once I do the saline ultrasound, I'll have them order that then.

Obviously, if successful, it's totally worth it. But right now it's just a pain. Especially since I did most of the tests a year and a half ago for the adoption physical but the results are only accepted by the clinic for a year. So it's just a reminder of having doing everything twice - tests, waiting, paying. Our Baby savings should be right at what we need in August. Just in time to sneak in at the lower rate, barring any bad test results.

23 June 2017

A win and a phone call.

So I woke up today, logged into Facebook and saw my name tagged on a giveaway post being run by Diaper Junction.  I won this  Buttons cover (Rosebud print) with a hemp insert.

So that was a good way to start the day.

Then we had our third attempt at the initial phone call with the clinic we are using. And yes, the third time was a charm.

I knew most of what she said.  A few things I had not known.  So let's outline what I know now:

They do 3 attempts using 1 or 2 double donor untested embryos.  Or they have a more expensive option also 3 attempts, where they use 1 tested embryo.  The price of their standard program is going up in September but if my tests are all done by then and the doctor decides we're good to go, we can pay in advance to lock in the current rate.

I do know I need a saline ultrasound but she said to wait for my call with the doctor since I did just have a hormone based IUD removed in May.  He'll let me know when I should be testing with that factored in.

May or may not need a letter from my neurologist because I have MS.  But my neuro office already okayed me getting pregnant and did support me stopping my MS meds (staying on them would be dangerous for the baby).  So I am not too worried about that.  They were very supportive through our natural attempts to get pregnant, the adoption attempt, and now this.

We do still need to schedule a meeting with a therapist but we already knew that and based on the others who have gone through this we already figured out who we will use.  Just need to see what hubby's schedule is like so we can arrange it.

They did say that race is the only criteria they can promise but that's no big deal for us.  They do take into account your build and pictures of you, but honestly we're cool with whatever match feels right.  We're not one of those couples who wants a specific gender or who feels like our kid must appear to have our hair or eyes or whatever.  I am a total white girl while my dad was Hispanic.  It's just not an issue for us that our baby be a perfect match.  They'll know all that we know about their history.

She said if we transfer two embryos there is a 50/50 chance of twins and pregnancy.   Two is the most they will transfer at one time.

Assuming the doctor is okay with my lab results and the saline ultrasound, we'll start getting profiles. She said a match is usually made with 1-3 months.

So the next step is a call with the doctor.  The saline ultrasound.  And the therapist.  Assuming all of that comes back fine, we could be doing the transfer within I dunno 4 months maybe?  Feeling more hopeful than I have in awhile so hopefully my body will cooperate with the last of the tests!

22 June 2017

Hunger strike cat

So our cat is obsessed with Natural Balance Catatouille.  It seems that every cat is as it's usually $5-$10 more than all of the other flavors in the same line.  When our adoption agency went broke, I went into penny pincher cheapskate mode as one is prone to do after a large financial loss.  So we switched her to another flavor.  She ate it just fine.  Recently it was either on sale or had a price drop so we bought some to mix in with the second fave flavor of hers.

She's now pretending to be on some kind of cat hunger strike every time she gets the usual flavor instead of the Catatouille.  Oh she'll eat it.  But she acts all offended.  Wants you to put a drop on your finger first and let her taste test it.  Move it away from the usual food spot.  Etc.  Put the Catatouille down?  Nom nom nom nom.   Honestly, she's probably gonna end up with Catatouille on the next food order.  Cats are good at getting their way.  That or try yet another flavor in the line and hope she's game.


Tomorrow is the third attempt at the call with the clinic.  * Fingers crossed *

Am hoping all of these healthcare changes don't go through.   Our insurance doesn't cover IVF/FET but because I have MS there is a good chance I will be priced out of insurance.  And since we have an insurance system more than we have a healthcare system, if we were able to get pregnant using IVF/FET and then lost insurance for me mid pregnancy that would be bad.

18 June 2017

Simply Fit board

I'm a big Shark Tank fan.  Not the kind of superfan who has to run out and buy everything they have their show, but I do enjoy watching it.  After seeing the Simply Fit Board on the show, I did have to try it.

I've been using it to help me get in my "steps" as I seem to get in more steps more quickly on this than I do when walking.  I wouldn't take that to mean this is too easy.  I feel it within a few minutes.  While most talk about how good it is for your core, I feel this the most in my legs.

I've also seen some people say you could just twist on the floor.  Yup, you can.  You'll miss the balancing aspect that seems to be a part of why you do feel this.  I can do the same number of twists on the floor and not feel it at all where as my legs were already kind of screaming (well, they were at least whimpering). If you don't care about the balance aspect, they make boards that are only for twisting.  Probably better for your floors than twisting directly on them.

Because I have Multiple Sclerosis, working on my balance is of huge importance to me.  This definitely helps as I am feeling a little less wobbly on most days.  On my bad days though, it's a real challenge to stay balanced on this.  For those with severe balance issues, I either wouldn't try this, or I would have a spotter (or a piece of furniture) within grasping distance to prevent falls.  I did start using this next to a dresser, but now feel comfortable enough to use it in the open space in our living room.

We have hardwood floors and one room with a large area rug.  I only use this on the area with the rug. It is plastic.  It will damage your floors.  A mat of some sort is pretty much a necessity (yoga mat, small rug, welcome mat, etc).  Even if your floors are carpeted, I would be careful if you use it in the same area.  It will wear down carpets.

At first I found myself moving the board around a lot, and not on purpose.  As your balance improves this will improve as well.  Also another reason to have a mat / rug under the board.

Results?  Too soon to tell.  I've been using it every day for about a month?  Maybe a little longer.  Before that it was just a random thing now and then.  And this month isn't a great one for checking my weight due to unrelated circumstances (namely the IUD removal and how my body is all out of whack).  I'm not stepping on the scale until my body feels back to normal but I can say that while I don't see a change, I do feel some muscles that I didn't feel before, even if they're not visible.

My biggest problem with this board was actually with my first board.  Yeah, my current one is my second one.  I used the first one maybe 5-10 times.  It cracked at the top of the board right in the middle.  I am a big girl but am nowhere near their professed weight limit of 400 pounds.  How it cracked with almost no use and by someone well under the limit?  I have no clue.  I've seen many others complain of the same thing.  However, their CS was excellent.  I was able to replace my board with two instead of one by paying shipping on the second board (mine was older and they were ending support for it soon).

This board has been used significantly more than the first board and is fine.  I am not sure if they changed something in the manufacturing or if I just got one from a bad batch or what, but I am much happier with the replacement than I am with the first board.

For those who have limitations in their workout abilities, I'd recommend this.  For workout fiends, it's probably not going to interest you.

The only easier / funner way I know of to get moving is with a hula hoop.

16 June 2017

IVF update: Another failed call...

We were supposed to have our informational call with the clinic last week.  That turned out to be the second failed call.  Here's hoping that next week's third attempt is the charm.   I wish they would just make a video as I have already been warned they literally read you a script.  They tell you they're reading a script.  Seems like it would take a lot of unnecessary work off of their shoulders.  Calls or email could be saved for follow up questions.  I only have a few questions, having already read a lot about their program.

Got my mammogram results.  All clear.

I changed the look of my page.  It had been my art.  Decided to use someone else's art/template as it's too cute and it was time for a change.

Have been failing at the Fitbit goals these last two weeks.  Between the IUD crash, then the sinus infection, and now the heat my goals are too high and they were set pretty low.  Hopefully the IUD crash and sinus thing are almost done.  I can somewhat take on the heat problem by doing everything right in front of the AC unit.

12 June 2017

Pre-emptive nesting

Hubby came home sick so I didn't get back to working on his Christmas blankie as he cannot see it. Instead I started some organizational cleaning types of stuff that is semi-overdue. By the end of the year, I'd like to have all of my stuff here and in the storage locker by our old apartment all organized and another big donation made. No point in keeping a big old storage locker for years when at least half of it should be donated. Also we can get a smaller storage closet in our building here.  

Yeah I've been wanting to do this since we moved here and dumped a bunch of stuff in storage. And I do mean dumped. It's not exactly in the fall on your head overstuffed kind of overwhelming. It's more like we tried to start by putting those Rubbermaid tubs in nice neat stacks and by the end of needing to get out were more like just throw it wherever kind of overwhelming.

Assuming we do get pregnant this year, I'd like to have it all done before I am in mama mode and won't want to deal with it. Pre-emptive nesting. But we'll see if it actually gets done. We've been talking about this kind of thinning of the stuff for at least a year.

11 June 2017

Amazon Fresh update

So after delivery #1, we definitely prefer Fresh to Instacart.  No substitutes.  No out of stock items.  Just two cooler bags + one giant paper bag.  No complaints.  I realize this is a very short update, but we have no complaints and can't remember the last time we said that about an Instacart order.

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