17 February 2015

Reversible drawstring bag

Despite the "help" I received from my cat, I did start and finish (minus some type of purse strap I've not yet decided on) a drawstring reversible Superman bag.  This is about the most advanced thing I've sewn because reversible and drawstring...

15 February 2015

Kumihimo with soutache

I got this Set of Three Kumihimo Disk Looms  (two round, one square) but didn't really have the ideal cord or threads for use with it.  So the obvious answer was to at least make something with whatever I had on hand.  What I had on hand was embroidery floss, pearl cotton, and soutache.
Flat Brain 10 strand Kumihimo with Soutache
12 strand embroidery floss Kumihimo  

02 February 2015


Practicing with beads I got for Christmas = new rings for me!

23 January 2015

Crafting with Christmas gifts

I received the Ricks Beading Loom for Christmas along with some beads and  a gift card to Fire Mountain Gems.  I bought myself a few loom patterns from Loom Tomb on Etsy.

Here's what I've been doing with them:

First time using a cabochon, so I practiced with a chipped one.
A ring pattern I found online.  Didn't use ideal thread for it, so need to redo it.

First time using the Ricks Beading Loom.  Hadn't used a loom since I was a kid.  This one is different in that you only use one thread as the warp thread (the thread wrapped on the loom).  This is good as you then don't have 10s or 100s (if you're braver than I) of threads to work in at the end of your projects.  Instead you have one or two.  The bad about this is that you need to know your exact project size before you start as you cannot adjust it as you go.

07 January 2015

Today I made... Something beady


I got a gift card for a bead store for Christmas.  I figured that'd be the thing to try this year because I could use the beads for tatting if I couldn't get into beading as a craft by itself.
The first thing I made is this ring using a tutorial on YouTube by beadifulnights.  Before this about as fancy as I'd gotten with beads was stringing a single row of beads on a string and some wire work (about as basic as the single strand of beads).  So for me, this was all fancy and yay to understanding her tutorial (it's step by step but sometimes even those can be confusing).

18 December 2014

Step one = try

So I'm attempting to practice Soutache.  The thread I have doesn't seem ideal other than it's transparent.  With a little practice and different thread, I could learn to like this.

09 December 2014

Finding my craft

I like being crafty but finding the craft that feels like my craft has just not happened thus far.   I did cross stitch for awhile before growing bored with it.  I did some chainmail for awhile before my hands said nope.  A miscellaneous craft here, a miscellaneous craft there.  Although I am a total newbie at the moment, I think Needle Tatting could become my craft.    Still, I'll try other crafts that I stumble upon if they appeal to me, hence today's mail.  Soutache cord from  Etsy seller: BazarDekoracji.    After watching soutache tutorials on YouTube, I knew I had to at least try the craft.  I discovered there aren't many retailers that deal with soutache cords here in the U.S. as it seems to be a much more popular craft elsewhere.  So of course, I ran to Etsy to search.  Actual attempts at projects will probably have to wait until after the holidays.  December is always a crazy month.  Hubby's work tries to finish up projects.  Hubby has volunteer work.  Our anniversary.  I really don't have the beads I'd want to practice (really only have seed beads on hand where I'd want some larger beads to play with).  Once life and the finances of the season settle down, this is what's next in the must try department.  Until then I'll be practicing tatting some more.