18 August 2017

Our kitty

Yesterday we got the good news for our ivf journey (saline ultrasound was clear). Today it's devastating news (not IVF related). Our sweet kitty, who turns 12 next week, has a very aggresive form of cancer and they suspect she has only 1-3 months. She won't be here by the time we do have a baby. She's already spoiled rotten and will remain so until her time is up. Just heartbroken. And so close to her birthday and the anniversary of my best friend's death. Emotional weeks ahead.

17 August 2017

Saline ultrasound

After some silliness with the IVF clinic, we did finally get the saline ultrasound ordered and it is now complete.  It was all clear.  So, we're really officially doing IVF now.  I don't yet have a time frame.  One step at a time.  Still waiting to hear from the NP at my neuro office to see if she'll order the bloodwork I need to be sure my MS med is out of my system and if not, we can start their rapid elimination process.  We should be paying soon and then it's just a matter of time.

11 August 2017

Saline ultrasound is next week.

My body is finally cooperating.  10 1/2 weeks after having the Mirena removed, my cycle is back.  So I have finally schedule the saline ultrasound (I feel like every single office I have looked into has a different name for this and doesn't know the other names).

Part of me is not at all nervous.  Part of me is because my regular OB/GYN never really did any of the tests beyond blood work and a pap to see if anything was going on to cause my girlie troubles.  I should know by the end of next week if we're ready to move forward with IVF or if some sort of surgery is needed or if I am just not a candidate.  Fingers crossed.

30 July 2017

Temporarily stalled

We went the high risk ob/gyn appointment and got told they will not see me until AFTER I am pregnant.  Um.  Okay why did the person who scheduled my appointment agree to schedule the appointment then?  So that pretty much ruined my week last week.   Still waiting to hear if just having a doctor ready to go is good enough for the IVF clinic.  Some say that is all they needed, while others say nope, needed a report.  Guess we'll see soon.

Otherwise still waiting for my cycle to come back after the Mirena IUD removal.  My regular ob/gyn office basically just told me it'd take about two months to get back to normal.  Internet says three months is normal.  I am right at the two month mark.  So just waiting...  Really wanting my cycle to come back.  I need to get this test done in August so I can pay in advance and save a chunk of money as their prices go up in September,

18 July 2017

Another item checked off the IVF to do list

Today we had our required session with a therapist to discuss having a child via embryo donation.  It went well.  I am sure the hubby would give me some credit for that.  Since it was at 7:30 am, I was smart and bought coffee this week.

Monday we will go establish with a high risk OB/GYN.

Then the only thing we still need to do isn't something we can schedule yet -- the saline ultrasound once I start my period again.

Assuming that happens soon'ish and they don't find anything wrong, we could be seeing profiles as early as next month!

Unrelated but we're also going to donate blood to CHLA this week.  They put out a call for donors a couple of weeks ago, so if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, or know people who are, please consider donating.  You can schedule here.  

07 July 2017

IVF doctor call...

So we had our call with the IVF clinic doctor today!

The doctor was really nice.  One of the things he started out with was that he definitely doesn't think I am too old (which was one of the concerns I listed on my initial paperwork).  It's always good to hear that you're not too old.  I still feel young.  Neither me nor my hubby will every truly grow up.  But for baby-making purposes, I'm considered ancient.

He ticked off the list of things we have done (which are a lot more than I realized as he began to name them all).

The to do list:
- Letter from my neurologist stating I am cleared to get pregnant.  This isn't an issue as they already cleared me and had me stop my MS meds, I just need a letter confirming this.

- Establish with a Fetal Maternal high risk OB clinic.  I already knew this was a possibility and have my #1 choice for this researched.  Just need to call them next week to see if they're willing to schedule an appointment some time soon.

- Saline ultrasound.  Already knew about this too but cannot yet schedule it as my cycle hasn't returned to normal yet.  The IUD removal was 5 weeks ago.  This seems to about when most get their cycle but my OB warned it could take up to 2 months.  So fingers crossed that it happens in the next three weeks (never hoped for my cycle to start before now).

- And finally, meet with a therapist to discuss the issues that may arise from having a child that isn't biologically connected to you.  This is already in the process of being scheduled with a 5 minute test Skype next week and hopefully the hour or so appointment to happen within the next few weeks.

Assuming the Saline ultrasound is good, we'll be ready to start seeing profiles. One the short to do list is complete.

If the worst happens and they see something during the Saline ultrasound that needs to be dealt with surgically, it would delay our ability to start by at least a month.  On the one hand I don't expect anything.  On the other my cycles got really heavy just before I went on the IUD to control them, so in all of my reading and research, I would not be surprised if they found endometriosis.  Wouldn't be the end of the world, but am hoping there's nothing troubling there anyway!

I do think we'll transfer one instead of two embryos.  We'll discuss it some more.  Going into the call, I was leaning towards two as that seems to be what  people I have experienced online seem transfer. The risk of twins isn't terrifying but because I have the unrelated health concerns the doctor feels that I should do one.  If it fails, still do one.  On the third and final round (we pay for three tries or until you get pregnant, whichever happens first) then transfer two.  A twin pregnancy is higher risk, but that's not what scares us the most.  The chance of them splitting and becoming three or four, that is the real fear.  People who know my luck are probably nodding that one is enough, knowing my luck.

Assuming everything goes well, I could be pregnant within a few months.  I smile to myself every time I have that thought.

06 July 2017

Fit Bit update and another call tomorrow

I figured it'd be a good time to do a Fitbit update.  Honestly, my update is that I am doing fine with it but only after I downgraded my goal (again).  Originally I went for the default 10k and I could do that if I did a couple of hours of walking.  Then I realized it was a stretch for me to make that goal daily so I downgraded to 7,500 -- a much more realistic goal for someone with MS.  Was doing fine with that and then Summer hit.  If you don't know what heat + MS = the answer is nothing good.  So I have once again downgraded my goal to 6k steps per day.  Much more realistic. Hitting it most days.  The biggest problem I have is that I just don't have the energy until late at night when it cools down.  I'm having to cram about 2,500-3k of those in between midnight and whenever I fall asleep (during Summer that is generally between 3-4 am).  So my #1 lesson learned about Fitbit is take you time to find a realistic goal for you.  You can always upgrade it later.

Tomorrow is another call with the IVF clinic, this time with the doctor!  I predict a doctor appointment or ten in the next few weeks.  I know we still need to have the saline ultrasound done, but my cycle isn't back after the IUD removal, so who knows when that will be.  Also we need to have a meeting with a therapist.  They may require that we establish ourselves with a fetal maternal clinic.  Unrelated appointment but both myself and the hubby have scheduled appointments to donate blood to Children's Hospital L.A. since they put out a request for donors.

That's about it until the call tomorrow...

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