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January 23, 2022 Mandala

 Since ye olde pandemic started, the hubby and I have turned our Sunday afternoons into creative night. We’ve tried several things like following acrylic painting tutorials, paint pouring, and quilling. Our most  frequent projects, at least lately, have had us following Procreate tutorials on Youtube. 

Tonight we followed this mandala tutorial by ArtWithFlo. I followed her basic starting shapes and then went my own way with it. Here’s my results. It was the most fun I’ve had arting in awhile. I tend to beat myself up because drawing isn’t exactly something that comes naturally to me. Usually when I have the patience to really put in the time to work on a drawing, I don’t have the time. And of course, when I have the time, I don’t have the patience for it. Making a mandala styled art piece was just pure relaxing. So much so that I am going to try to make one most days, even if it’s just a smaller one just for me. 


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