Paint pouring


I was offered this Aureuo paint pouring kit (affiliate link) free to review. Wanted to try paint pouring, so of course I snatched it right up.

The kit came with 4 colors of pre-mixed paints, silicone, stirring sticks, gloves, a disposable drop cloth, and one canvas.  As I am typing this, it costs about $20 at Amazon.

I was pretty sure there was enough paint for more than one canvas, so we also used a canvas we already had to turn it into our at home paint night / date night project.

I am kind of amazed at how fast and easy the basic “we’re newbies” first pours went.  I love our usual paint nights but drawing is not my strong suit, so I also get frustrated a lot. This was easy, fast, and I didn’t get frustrated once. There was even some leftover paint and silicone.

The only cons for this specific kit: you’ll need to provide your own cups and varnish.

We’re already buying more paint pouring supplies including another one of these kits specifically.

Our fave part was taking a photo of our results to take into the Procreate app to turn them into digital painting backgrounds. Here’s mine:

Two weeks to make a habit?