10 July 2020

Fitness update.

Remember when this was going to be my fitness journey blog?  Ahh life.

I replaced my Fitbit with an Amazfit Bip S (affiliate link) instead.  It was about half the price of the new Charge 4.  The software isn’t maybe as refined as Fitbit’s but it does the job.  It’s a plastic body but since these things seem to get updated and replaced every few years, I am okay with that, especially given the price difference.  I enjoy how light it is considering it looks more like a smart watch than a sleek tracker. Good battery life if you don’t want all of the extra notifications on.  The screen is always on, but not really readable in the dark without turning it on because it is reflective.   Also I am a sucker for being able to replace the bands and it uses a standard watch band instead of a proprietary one.

Also we stopped walking.  It is summer in California.  MS in the heat is annoying enough. Adding a 1-2 hour walk in a mask every day was okay in the 70s, but a no go in the 80s-100s.  I didn’t want to lose progress though, so we swapped the walks for actual 30 minute workouts inside.  We are using the Body Project videos on YouTube.  Mainly because they are low impact and we can actually do the whole videos without needed to stop.  Right now we are doing 3 days a week but I feel like I will add a 4th alone because I noticed that if I am working out one day and  resting the next I am fine, but miss more than a day and the MS tingles show up very angry and make getting back on track difficult.  Mostly taking it day by day.  If one of us feels up to it and the other doesn’t, they we can do one alone or we try to find a yoga to deal with whatever needs to be stretched most at least.

Both the hubs and I have lost quite a bit from our highest.  He is down about 25 lbs.  I am down about 50 lbs.  Still overweight but at my highest I was nearly 250 pounds.  I am now under 200.  How much fluctuates so I just kind of leave it under 200 and know that is a huge improvement.   Cannot give the Team Body project videos themselves all of the credit,  because they are a newer addition but we’re both losing and/or maintaining still, so they definitely help.  Kind of at a plateau now, but still working on it.

Also we just mostly eat veggies, rice, potatoes, and the like at home.  Usually low calorie sauces.  Limited plant based meats, etc.  Twice a week we splurge for dinner, usually from our local vegan Thai place or from Fatburger (impossible for me, regular burger for the hubs).  Sounds a lot harder than it is.  You kind of lose your taste for most junk when you just aren’t eating it.



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