22 March 2020

So the world is weird.

I live in Los Angeles.  The world is extra weird for us.  I’ve essentially been on isolation in a way since September when the collagenous colitis hit.  I am finally about 95% better, but still on meds.  We had planned to go to a Yaymaker paint nite a few weekends ago, but long before panic hit, my doctors had me avoiding crowds.  They told me then it was worse than we were being told.  So we had canceled.   We thought we’d go get a drink at LACMA, but it close then too.  Since then, basically everything but groceries, pharmacies, restaurants for take out has closed. 

Groceries are rough due to hoarders.  I’m not allowed to go to the grocery store even during special hours.  Trying to avoid my hubby having to go whenever possible.  We’re finally getting groceries again, but fruits / veggies / potatoes / etc are still in short supply.  Tough when you don’t eat meat, are lactose intolerant, and cannot eat raw veggies.  Most fruits and veggies are wiped out but lettuce / salad packs.  We’re tipping the delivery folks a little extra while we still can because they’re lifesavers right now. 

Also my mom is sending us a care package from somewhere that still get food.  

No toilet paper in weeks but we got us travel bidets.  My mom is worried about the fact that we must do laundry in a community laundry room, but we cannot have even portable washers here.  I wish we could at least have a real bidet installed or maybe a sprayer attached to the toilet, but we’re weird in that even know, we don’t wanna piss off the landlords, so honoring our lease but it’s gonna get rough if it keeps getting worse. 

There were three new cases in my neighborhood yesterday, one of which was one of the people who died.  So we’re being even extra careful now.  Wearing gloves on our walk, etc.  

But we’re alive.  Kitties are fine.  We’re fine.  We do a 30 - 60 minute walk around the neighborhood and avoid passing near others.  Wash our hands if we touch anything.  Shower after the walk.   Our complex is leaving doors open so no one has to touch them.  

Could be worse.  Could definitely be better.  If people would just stay home and actually keep their distance while doing necessary things, we’ll be fine.  Some are selfish and not doing that.  

Local  and state officials are doing all they can.  Feds? Not so much.  

Look after each other.  Stay safe.  Stay home.  If you must go out for meds or food, keep a safe distance.  We avoid walking by anyone too close on our walks.  Wash your hands if you touch anything from outside of your home, including delivery packages.  Hand sanitize if you touch something away from a sink and soap.  If your skin is sensitive have good moisturizer ready for all of the hand washing. 

Stay safe.  Keep your distance from anyone not in your home.  



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