10 March 2020

It’s been awhile

Not sure why I am posting again, other than it makes it easy for me to find all of these things. I think everyone I know gets updates from me directly or on social media. Still I realized I stopped posting here completely last year. So here’s my step stats for all of last year + so far this year.  My total step count for 2019 was 2,866,256,   Floor count for 2019 was 134.  That all comes out to 1,269.2 miles.  863,320 calories burned in 2019.  2020 started much like the end of 2019, but is starting to improve finally.

Right after my last post I started feeling pretty yucky. I won’t go into details but I ended up in urgent care twice, the ER once, and then had to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Never had a colonoscopy before but had endoscopy procedures twice before and hated them. This one was much smoother as I told them about my prior experiences and they made sure not to start until I was totally out of it. From those procedures they diagnosed me with Collagenous Colitis. I don’t recommend it.

 It was really bad from September until mid-January. They put me on a round of Budesonide and I am now starting to feel human again + the main symptoms are almost fully in remission. 

The hubs suggested we start doing walks together. So this month I’m working my way back to trying to hit my official FitBit goal of 7k steps and hoping to work back up to 10k days. I hit 10k yesterday for the first time since September.

I will say the giving up meat and limited dairy + the walks = I have lost about 45-50 lbs in the past two years.  There was some concern that being sick would cause weight loss in a less than ideal way, but since my weight fluctuates normally by about 5-10 lbs, I didn’t really notice much during that time.  At most I lost 4 lbs being sick.  I’m still not at my ideal weight.  I set my goal weight for something I think is achievable that would still be in overweight by about 10 lbs.  If I hit that weight, I may or may not set it for lower, today thought my goal is about 175.  I’m currently under 200.  At my highest I was almost 250.  So I’m already happy with the progress made.  Whether or not I can make 175 anytime depends on many things, but I am definitely trying.



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