01 July 2019

June FitBit step counts

Okay so there’s been enough going on that clearly I cannot keep up with weekly right now.  Here’s all of June’s step counts.  That really low step count day was when I was sick. My official goal on FitBit is set to 7k.  My unofficial goal is to hit that magic 10k number.  I expect it to be nearly impossible to hit 10k during the summer because Heat + MS = miserable me.  But we’ll see how it goes, maybe I’m wrong.  I do try to get at least 5k at night before bed, after midnight.  Makes hitting 7k much easier in hotter days.  Also because of that most of my total steps are taken in walks that FitBit counts as exercise.  That’s my only form of exercise until we set up the yoga mat area of the living room.



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