15 October 2018

Deleted posts + yay tea!

I went back and deleted my posts on IVF and adoption.  A couple of reasons: a. I don’t think most people I actually know are still here, we communicate elsewhere so there’s no point in sharing that stuff here and b. It’s just been a sucky year.  After our third failed IVF cycle in a program than has a 90% success rate by this time?  Beyond devastating.  It sucked more than than the first failure, or the second, or in some ways the bankrupted  adoption agency because I truly felt like by now we would be pregnant.  It was just too much having it public right now.

I will say that we have a call with our clinic to discuss what to do and most say they’ll suggest ERA testing.  After looking it up, I am kind of wondering why they don’t suggest it to everyone before a transfer because it has the potential to show that none of our transfers had a chance of working and that the medication protocol / transfer date may need to be adjusted to have a chance. Sure people say it can be painful and expensive but when you’re spending that much money, finding out later that it had no chance?  That extra cost is worth it to get it right the first time or three.  But we’ll see what they say.  May go back to posting that stuff publicly once we know what we’ll do, or may just stay with the fun stuff.

I have decided to drown my sorrows in a new to me subscription box.  Sips By Tea Subscription box to be exact.  Clicking that link gets you $5 off.  I don’t get paid, but do get discounts for sign ups.  I went really vague in my taste profile, basically just specifying vegan.  We’ll see what that gets me, I suspect I will update preferences as I go.  Will post what I get once it arrives!



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