31 August 2018

Returning to IVF land...

We have accepted another profile.  This time we’re aiming for fresh instead of FET, but we aimed for that last time and the egg donor backed out, so you just never know.  But we have done a baseline ultrasound.  We’ve added extra estrogen.  And at the advice of the doctor who is monitoring us locally, I also added a separate folate supplement to go with the prenatal vitamin.

Today was all about getting the med schedule in order as the first sample calendar ignored the fact that they wanted to add extra estrogen after our two failed cycles.

Ah the fun part of IVF that I didn’t miss.  First cycle = they sent the RX to one speciality pharmacy which was pretty much the top end of prices for the country (and we all know drugs in America are like 5x what everyone else pays to start with) but they had everything during shortages, so whatever, we’ll pay extra to get all we need and we paid 100% cash out of pocket because our insurance doesn’t have any fertility treatment coverage (will cover some testing but no treatments).

  Second cycle we transferred everything to Walgreens and found out my insurance does actually cover all of these rxs except the expensive one (of course) then the expensive one we sent to yet another pharmacy as they were the only place I called who had it that time (never ending shortage is annoying).

This time?  She sent the entire list of RXs to yet another pharmacy that neither she nor I mentioned before but she did mention it was (you guessed it) another shortage, so I just assumed that is who has it all.  She told me to call them to set up delivery.  Warned hubby this could be another expensive med haul, but wouldn’t know until I talk to them (wanted to be sure we still have room on the main credit card because so much money out lately).  When I called they didn’t have it yet.  But they did tell me they will bill insurance (which the other speciality pharmacy wouldn’t do).  So now I am thinking worst case scenario is about half the price of what I quoted hubby hubby as worst case scenario.  I hope anyway.

Good thing I have meds left over to get me started because they’re sending the RX in late on a Friday, to start meds Sunday.  I’d be pretty stressed right now if I didn’t have leftover meds because there is a chance we won’t even get to the point of filling it today.  She said it takes hours just to get processed by their system,  then they call us about filling, then it takes a few more hours to process any insurance.  Which seems right.  Just really stressful if you’re not already in the game because who sends a time sensitive RX in to a mail-order pharmacy late on Friday for starting Sunday?  IVF clinics, that’s who.  Honestly I’d almost rather order early and risk needing to add something or paying for something they decide to remove, than stress that you won’t have what you need on time.  

But whatever.  Whether it takes us until Monday to sort this or we sort it today, I start stabbing my stomach again this weekend!  Yay!  <— not sarcasm, because as much as I hate being stabbed daily, it means stuff is moving forward.  This time with extra estrogen and folate, so maybe that’s my magic baby recipe and maybe it’s not, but at least it’s time to start the process of finding out.



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