15 August 2018

Dylusions Dyalog vs J.D. Butterfly Effect book

Dyalog cover and inserts
I own all three current Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect traveler's notebook/journal covers that feature her art and sent the blank one to my mom.  I'm happy with them.  I cannot use all three at once so I really didn't NEED another traveler's journal cover.  Then the Dylusions Dyalog "Believe" cover landed on my IG feed and I knew I at least WANTED it.  It got here today.  Figured I'd compare the two as I searched for that before buying the Dyalog cover and didn't  find anyone doing a comparison.

First if you don't know what traveler's notebooks/journals  are, they're a system that you can use for notebooks or journals and calendars, sketchbooks, etc... The journal or notebook (I've seen them called both) itself is generally just a cover.  They often have an elastic loop closure as the center of the cover.  They come in a variety of sizes though the most common I've seen seem to be around 8"x5".  The ones I am posting about here are canvas but there are a lot of makers of them.  Leather, vegan leather, vinyl, repurposed books, fabric, etc.  You could easily make your own.  My sewing skills exist, but just barely, so I decided to buy mine.  They tend to have a rivet at the top and bottom of the centerfold, they either come with elastic pre-run through those rivets or you can add you own.  That elastic is what holds your paper inserts inside.   There are too many inserts to name but you can usually find calendars, blank, specialty papers (like watercolor or multimedia) or you can just cut and fold your own preferred papers to fit.  They're nice because they're very portable and if you finish one insert, you can just remove it and replace it.

So onto the comparison:

The blue mermaid cover is the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect cover and the pink one is the Dylusions Dyalog cover.   There are a similar size but the Dyalog is just a little larger, so you shouldn't have inserts that stick out of the cover.   The official Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect book is  8.7″ x 4.9″, while the Dylusions Dyalog is   8.75” x 5.875”.   The JD Butterfly book has slightly rounded corners while the Dyalog is more squared.  They can use the same inserts.

The inside covers are quite different.  The Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect book is blank white.  The Dyalog inside cover is decorated to match the outer cover.  The elastics are very similar The only real difference in their set up is that the Dyalog elastic closure has a metal end piece on both ends of the elastic while the Butterly Effect book put them in one end piece.  The Dyalog cover feels a little stiffer at first but they're both lovely and both soften as you use them.

For me the biggest difference isn't with the covers, but with the inserts available for each (again, you can cut your own or use any books that fits, but I figured I'd try their books too).   The covers boils down to personal preference.  I like both.  If I decided I needed another, I'd go with the Dyalog, but only because I already have three JD Butterfly Effect covers.

There's a much clearer winner when it comes to the inserts.

As you can see, the individual Dyalog inserts are much more substantial.   They are 12 pages (folded into 24, sewn in the middle) and retail for $5.99.

The Jane Davenport inserts are 4 pages (folded into 8, I think the marker one was stapled and the watercolor was loose papers - it's been awhile, I could be wrong) and retail for $6.49.

If I were buying only the inserts, I'd go with the Dyalog ones as you get more for less.  Both are perfectly fine papers.  I personally like the Dyalog papers better.

The Jane Davenport inserts do have blank covers while the Dyalog inserts have art on the covers.  Personally that didn't make a difference for me.  The blank JD cover gave me more canvas, but I don't think that difference is worth the price difference and it's not like you can't just decorate the Dyalog covers too, just they have a premade background for you.

I bought my Jane Davenport inserts and covers on Ebay and Michaels.

I bought all of my current Dyalog stuff from the Etsy Store: PerriAnnsArtsNThings (I don't personally know the owner, but have purchased from them twice and was happy both times, so I do recommend starting there for either the Jane Davenport line or the Dyalog line if you want the best price, good CS, and fast shipping).



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