23 July 2018

Kicking myself

First off, there is no news in the IVF department beyond we're still looking at doing our third transfer this year.  And they have decided the only thing to change is to put me on more estrogen for longer.   Hopefully that's what makes it stick, because we really don't want to pay for three more rounds.  We will if we have to it, but it'd be our last three attempts.

Somehow Amazon Prime Day + me = pencil cases.  On both this 2018 Prime Day and the last, my splurge was a pencil case (well this year I also got headphones but only because mine are dying and I would have been buying new ones anyway).  But this year I am kicking myself over not grabbing up the Pentel 8 Color automatic pencil.  Sure it only would have saved me a few bucks, but with the failed adoption and what we've paid for IVF so far, a buck or three saved here or there adds up.

I've written before about the Pentel Multi 8 set that I bought back in 2016.  They're essentially the same pencil.  The clear colorful one is the American version.  The grey one I bought is the import.  They use the same leads and work the same way.

At the time I bought it, it became one of my fave pencils instantly.  The leads are often described as being closer to crayons than traditional lead.  I feel that's a fair description and that can obviously be good or bad, depending on how you use them.  The leads are proprietary. Depending on where you shop the replacements run $2-6 for two leads.   Leads that are at least half the length of most standard 2mm leads and they have a metal cap at the top that prevents them from sliding out of the pencil unless you intentionally want set it to remove them.  But they are still 2mm leads.  It's taken me awhile, but while organizing this year's Prime Day pencil case that I finally realized I don't really have to buy their refills.  I've been wanting a similar pen for regular leads.  So I grabbed one of the Staedtler 2mm leads I had and cut it.  I was extra careful to make it just a hint smaller than the Pentel branded ones because the way these pencils works = the lead must be fully inside it's slot, so you can turn to open the slot another color is in.  If your cut a lead too long and then try to swap colors you could break your pencil.  My test worked.  And that made me want another pencil.  One for colored leads and one for standard.  I will say their leads do last awhile and for coloring you're ahead to buy the proprietary leads.  But if you travel a lot and don't want to carry a lot of colored pencils and standard leads, cutting your fave leads to fit, means you can take either multiple hardness of leads with you or just extras of your fave all in one or two pencils.

I was also on the look out for a pencil that holds the smaller 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 leads in one pencil.  Seems Pentel did have a version a few years ago but it's no longer available and the few I did find were now selling for $200'ish which this girl cannot ever see paying for a single pencil, no matter how many leads it holds.



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