23 May 2018

We have a calendar!

Test tomorrow to determine if our ivf calendar sticks. And oh yeah we finally got a calendar! I do feel a little more zen this time around. I mean, still nervous because if this fails we only have one more shot and the two back to back trips through CA have broken the bank. So if it fails there is no back to back trip again, there’s wait until we can save for the third. So oddly enough there’s more stress this time around. I just feel more at ease anyway.

On FB I am seeing more on this day posts about how we felt this route was the next one for us as we truly got ready to move beyond IAC's bankruptcy.  Although I regret not having gone this route instead of adoption from the beginning, and wouldn't recommend agency adoptions now, if we had to learn that lesson I am still glad we chose who we did as an agency.  In theory they best matched our morals in that they didn't exclude people accept those who legally cannot adopt.  In reality, they used us and ran the business into the ground, but thanks to minimal regulations, I fear that's most agencies now.

I just wish I knew if our current route will work out.  Such a long painful journey.  I'd like to think it'll work out in the end.



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