04 May 2018


One think I have learned about IVF is that there always seems to be a shortage of one or more of the meds.  We were lucky last time and just had the clinic fill the prescriptions at whatever clinic they knew had them.  Now that it's clear we need a refill (hoping this is the last one) we wanted to go the more economic route so we transferred them to a major chain.  They had two of the three meds I needed.  The third (or the first I am to start) is on nationwide backorder.  So I spent hours on hold yesterday to find no stores from that chain have it.  And that the original pharmacy is also out.  As are most.  Not ideal when I only have a few days left of the last round.  I did finally find a place with one kit left and the transfer is in progress.  Just another annoyance.

Also our clinic apparently forgot to renew one of their domains.  Not the one for the program we are in, but the one they host their email with.  Oops.  That explains why I couldn't get through on the phone, pretty sure everyone is calling them.

But the baseline yesterday was fine, so here we go again.... Hopefully with a different outcome.



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