28 April 2018


So I pretty much never buy myself new clothes.  Maybe once every year or two I'll grab some things during an Old Navy sale or something.  I do, however, have tons of t-shirts.  We're addicted to RIPT Apparel.  Especially the hubby.  He's known at work for his t-shirt collection.  Otherwise I just stock up on necessities like underwear and socks now and then and just don't think much about clothes.  Until recently when I realized I really only wear a couple of skirts.  Almost no pants or shorts.  Honestly I just don't wear as many pants as I used to, we do live in perma-Summer land though so... Anyway, it was beyond time for some new clothes.  But I also feel guilty about spending money on clothes because well the failed adoption agency, IVF, helping some family and friends, and oh yeah we're not rich.  We do okay but we also live in a place where rents on studios are what people pay for huge houses with yards anywhere else.  So even though we do okay, we do still have some tight  months.

That's when I realized the internet has basically the biggest used clothing stores.  I mean there's always been things like eBay, but it's not always easy to do order a bunch of things there.  Unless you find the perfect lot for you, it becomes a lot of work piecing things together and who wants 10 boxes from different sellers just to get some clothes?  

I am not against used if it's in good condition anyway.  So I took a chance and ordered around $60 worth of stuff from Swap.com (Referral link that gets you 20% off your first order or $20+: HERE).    I have to admit, I did feel like their competition had better reviews.  So going with Swap felt like a real gamble.  I did have it not include "fair" which seems to be their rating that includes more damaged or worn out pieces.  They had the best selection of plus sized clothing of the sites I did some online window shopping on.  They also had the best prices.  So I felt like I would be gambling the least there.  $60ish got me a dress (my favorite piece though I put no effort into taking these pics of the first haul), 5 skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 6 tank/camis.  I was only disappointed by two pieces.  The pink skirt fits me weird.  Perfect everywhere but the waist is snug enough to not be comfortable.  I'll donate it.  Also the geometic skirt you can only barely see since I tried to cram it all in one picture.  It's so cute but I had never owned anything from that company (Jete) so I followed their sizing guide and it ended up being way too big for me anyway.  The dress is the same size and fits fine, a bit loose but not enough to be of concern.  I love the skirt so much though though I will keep it for when we finally do get pregnant.  And I'll probably I did reorder it in a smaller size too.

I will definitely be doing more clothes shopping there because I am cheap.  Also because there's a big variety of clothes all in one place. 



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