30 April 2018

Please let round two work!

I really hope round two of ivf is successful because I may go insane if I have to deal with a third round of this.
So far I got a rx for birth control after much nagging/begging despite them wanting me on it. Still waiting for a calendar and baseline ultrasound that I really needed yesterday if it’s even close to the temporary calendar, but per phone call today I will get them “shortly” which means 5 minutes or 5 days from now apparently. Then I get a call from the pharmacy we just transferred everything away from to say they have a new rx for me, which I know nothing about (I know it's not the birth control as that went to my usual pharmacy and is definitely there). So I guess tomorrow = more freaking begging for the calendar and ultrasound order and trying to figure out whether or not they ordered a new mystery rx I know nothing about.



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