19 March 2018

Started Lupron

So apparently STAT lab results are awesome.  I did the bloodwork Saturday (yay to labs open on the weekend) and within a few hours our IVF clinic called to say that my progesterone levels were very low so I could start Lupron on Sunday as planned in our calendar.  Before starting the patches, I need to take another blood test to confirm we're still good.  For now we're still looking at a transfer in April.

I have now given myself two shots.  Pretty proud of myself as the whole time I was on MS meds that were in shot form, I never gave myself one without the use of the autojector.  So while I am a pro at shots, I was kind of a wimp when it comes to administering them.  I think it helps that this is a small needle.  I'd probably not be handling it so well if it were the larger needles.



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