02 March 2018

I love Amazon except for their craft section

I know, I know, Amazon is an evil corporation.  Thing is they have the bestest customer service.  Usually they have the best prices.  I have found one exception.  Crafts.  Their craft department is not able to compete with the likes of Joann or Michaels or even your local mom and pop shop (and they're usually the highest priced).

My crafty brain is heading back toward cross-stitch / embroidery.  It's been years and years since I've done that.  I think the last cross-stitch I completed was for CynDee... Maybe because she died just as I was about to send it (still sent it to her mom), I just didn't bother picking up a new after that.  Nothing against cross-stitch, that was just a tough time and I wasn't in the mood.  By the time I was something new grabbed my attention.

I am currently waiting for some yarn from Joann's because that was the cheapest way to get the yarn I need to finish the hubby's 2017 Christmas present (shush, I had some setbacks last year - he still got a present).  Decided to start looking into what it's going to cost me to get back in the groove.  I started with the cheapest and most necessary part of the equation.  The floss.  If you had to you could use any fabric, and you could get by probably some needle you have at home if you're already crafty, but floss?  Necessary.

I checked Amazon first and about choked over how much they're selling single skeins for now.  Then I remembered -- it's Amazon.

I went with Amazon as the seller but some of the third parties there are just as insane.  This single skein of white is an add on product (which usually gets you a really good price) and is currently $4.72 here (they do claim the list price is $10.44 so maybe at one time they sold it by the box and never fixed the page, but most reviews say it is a single skein as does the description).    Even with inflation that seemed insanely high, but some other colors were as high as $9+ for a single skein so maybe prices really did go that high at some point?  Let's check the official DMC site, shall we?  73¢ at the DMC site here.  Well that's the official site.  Obviously they're probably the cheapest.  Let's try the two bigger chain craft stores that I have been known to visit.  What does Joann think this should be priced? Honestly, I don't know.  They don't seem to sell the white 6-strand embroidery floss online but they do sell the more expensive multi color DMC embroidery floss for $1.49 here or a 12 pack of "snow white" for $11.88 (99¢ a skein) here.   Michaels? They list them for 52¢ but they have a 12 skein minimum so while you pay 52¢ per skein, you're paying out $6.24 here which is still way cheaper than either Amazon or Joann's (it does say that Michael's sells the skeins individually in stores but doesn't say if they're the 52¢ or if that is the bulk price only).

I have found a few crafty items at Amazon as competitive as craft stores, but for the most part, don't buy your crafty stuff there.  Or at least price check before actually purchasing.



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