03 March 2018

I had cheese last night because I am dumb.

So we ordered pizza last night because Friday and Saturday are the nights the hubby walks to pick up food and it was raining. I was good as usual and got veggie, no cheese pizza. But since we're currently mad at Pizza Hut (their app kept screwing up, changing prices on us mid-order, got rid of our fave crust and topping, etc), we went with Dominos and their breadstick options all have dairy (unlike Pizza Hut who has dairy free cinnamon sticks) so we went with the spinach feta ones (which probably would have been fine except I forgot they also top them with cheddar). Today my guts are revolting.

Also, today the hubby brings home boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies. All of the non-Vegan ones. I'd be tempted but after last night's dairy goof, I am thinking the hubby has four boxes to himself. Who doesn't bring home thin mints? At least I have a safe cookie mix to make at home if I get jealous of his junk food.

So while I am technically vegetarian? There's a reason I eat vegan foods most days and it's not to be difficult, it's because my innards are pure evil. The no meat side is ethical. The super limited dairy is because I don't like being in pain.



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