19 February 2018

Who I follow on YouTube (infertility / adoption)

I was watching YouTube the other day.  I don't make YouTube videos myself because I'm just not comfy on film.  Still, I was reminded of how important it is to let people know that there are people going through similar things as you.  I know when we first started with adoption, I found one or two people going through it.  The main couple I followed during adoption have all but shut down their YouTube so I won't link to it, but I did find that watching them helped.  So, here's the people I currently follow re: IVF.

In the order YouTube lists them:

#hangingwiththeholmyards - I found them while they were in the midst of the  IVF process, but they're currently pregnant with twins.

Ayla and Caleb - They've tried multiple things, including IVF.  Their focus is now on adoption.

Brad and Rach - They just recently had twins via IVF so the channel is now more about life with the twins.  Before the twins were born, lots of IVF/pregnancy posts which are still up.

Frankie IVF Journey - She just went through another round of IVF, results should be known soon.

Halie and E - Currently pregnant via IVF.  They're not updating much, but do still give updates now and then.

Kalyn and Robert - they're currently pregnant via IVF and have also fostered.

Kelsey Escoriaza - currently pregnant via IVF

Kristine Smith - This one isn't IVF related.  I found her while looking up stuff on plus sized pregnancies because I am a bigger girl.

McHusbands - I found them while looking up videos about IAC,  they had done a video about the bankruptcy because they had almost used them.  Instead they have twin girls via surrogacy.

Phil and Alex - They have two adopted girls and have also been going through IVF.  As I am typing this post up, they're in the midst of the two-week wait from their last round.

The Smith Shenanigans - Currently their channel is more about family life but before their twins were born there were a lot of useful IVF related videos (which are obviously still up).  She also occasionally offers up tips and support for those still in the midst of IVF.



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