02 February 2018

Toothpaste and shampoo

So, I really do love my Lush toothy tabs, but I've decided to try the Bite Toothpaste Bits because they have xylitol (which my dentist sort of demands I use).  They sell them on their Etsy store for $12 a bottle but since I already know I prefer the tablet form of toothpaste with charcoal, I ordered from their website where you can get an $8 glass bottle of them in a monthly subscription and then after the first shipment, you get a packet to refill your glass jar.  I ordered a few hours ago (Friday night) and already have a tracking number.  Will update after trying, but I at least highly recommend this style of toothpaste over the paste form.  The Lush Boom! Toothy tabs are $11 and come in a plastic bottle.

I am also trying a handmade knockoff of the Lush Godiva shampoo bars from this Etsy shop  because the same style / scent is $10 for a three oz bar with a tin or $9 without vs the actual Lush version that is $13 for a 1.9 oz bar.  Hopefully this is even just a little bit close,  because honestly the Lush Godiva bar is the best shampoo I have ever used.



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