16 February 2018

Friday update

IVF: My update is that there is nothing to update.  Our IVF coordinator is talking to the doctor about what we should do next.  If I don't hear from her Monday, I'll start nagging her again.

Weight: Down 2 pounds this week and 8.6 pounds in the last month.  Still relying almost solely on diet, with some occasional walks.  While I do eat some processed junk foods like fake meats but am trying to eat less of it.  I'm also making more substitutes - ex. I had been making our chili with meatless crumbles but recently switched to jackfruit.  At home I am meat and dairy free.  When we eat out I eat totally meat free and about 90% dairy free.

Toothpaste: I posted recently about switching from Lush Toothy Tabs to Bite Toothpaste Bits.  So far so good. If you haven't seen either, here's a picture of the containers for both products.  The Lush tabs come in a plastic bottle that is recyclable while the Bite ones come in a glass bottle with the first shipment and then a refill packet each other after that.  I have some pretty serious dental issues after a history of teeth grinding and various meds than dried out my mouth and caused tons of cavities so it's been a pain to deal with. I was just starting to use the Lush version at my last cleaning and the dentist was thrilled.  Guess we'll see how this new brand is treating me next month when I have another cleaning.

I think that's about it.  Life is kind of boring at the moment, which is fine with me.  Last year was stressful.   Right now just waiting for the IVF cycle to start is the extent of our stress.



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