01 February 2018

Diet vs exercise

I think one of the toughest parts of trying to be more healthy and trying to lose weight is that thanks to having Multiple Sclerosis as well as some permanent residual scarring in my lungs from Sarcoidosis  I find it really tough to do the exercise part of the ideal health / fitness routine.   I do try to walk or get on the Simply Fit Board at least a few times a week.  Still, there are times when even  that is a struggle for me.   Living in a warm climate means that in the more extreme years, walking outside is rough even in "Winter'.    If I overheat or just do more than my body finds to be too much, I feel horrific for days.  And generally speaking, my body lets me know what is too much only after I have gone beyond that point.  So I started just walking laps inside in our apartment where one of the main rooms has AC and the other has a fan.   Some days that works, sometimes even the AC isn't enough to keep my body feeling okay.

Needless to say, I have to rely mostly on the diet aspect.  I am losing weight.  I'd just like that boost that being able to maintain a consistent exercise plan would give me.  I know that diet is generally considered the more important of the two but I do feel like a slacker when the fitness part and me aren't friends.  Like this week, I just haven't had it in me to do the walks.  I have thought of trying, but the body is like don't even try it lady.   So I try to think about the fact that even the hubby who loves hot weather asked me if the apartment felt too warm.  We're talking 8-9pm.  Usually it's me needing to blast the AC.   Even with confirmation that it wasn't just me, I still felt bad that I couldn't do more.

Trying to keep a more chill attitude about it and focussing on the diet and its results.  But some days or every weeks are tougher than others when you want to do more and physically cannot.  Must learn how to focus on the good more and let that go.  It's tough though.



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