06 January 2018

Transfer date info and nephew delayed

So the week of Christmas we got the flu that is going around. I am still coughing here and there but am about 85% better. When not pushing myself too hard it's more like 95% but we emptied our storage locker and did a massive donation to Goodwill, so I've definitely been pushing myself too hard. Finally resting to try to finish recovering. The nephew also got sick right after we purchased airline tickets without travel insurance. Oops. Unclear when / if he will be ready to reschedule because he appears to be in teenage drama mode. That's okay though as we have enough to deal with here. We got a transfer date. The coordinator failed to take into place my cycles aren't regular. So unofficially re-scheduling. But whether my cycle shows up tomorrow or they decided to force it with meds in a few weeks, either way -- should be doing the transfer in February, maybe March. So close. Hoping my body cooperates so it's sooner instead of later. Also trying to stay super chill and not stress. Want the first one to work so bad, even though we'd have two more chances. Tired of it all taking so long. Tired of the time we spent with the adoption system. Ready to be a momma already.



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