14 January 2018

I decided to step on the scale.

I haven't been doing weigh-ins that much the last few years. Scales are evil. Back in 2015 when I got on the hormone based IUD and went off of Topamax, the weight started packing on. Despite giving up soda and trying to eat better. Added light exercising. Still the weight just went up. Since I have given up meat and am limiting dairy (using non-dairy alternatives at home, but not freaking out if something away from home has dairy) figured I'd take the chance and see what the scale says. Down 7.6 pounds from my last weigh-in back in November. Since I haven't been eating great the last few weeks while sick (hello bagels and cheeseless veggie pizzas) and stopped even the light exercise while sick, eh... I'm happy with that. I have a lot to lose. But I am happy to be losing anything now. Even a few pounds less before pregnancy is a big yay in my book.



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