25 January 2018

Fast food while limiting your diet

Since getting rid of meat, fast food is a bit tougher.  But honestly, I've made it work.  The worst has been iHop, but I was eating more dairy a few months ago, so it worked.  More recently I went with salad and fries there.  Living in Southern California probably makes it easier than in some places.  I mean we at least have Veggie Grill.  Still even in California, fast food is fast food and good luck finding something good without meat, eggs, cheese, etc.

My current fave junk weekend food was Pizza Hut.  I'd get a cheeseless pizza with pretzel crust, extra sauce, extra peruvian cherry peppers, and maybe a few other veggies (depended on if they had a good deal or if we were paying per topping).  Last time we went to order pizza there was no pretzel crust option.  Maybe they're just out?  Nope... We googled.  Discontinued.  Okay.  Their unflavored crust was a disappointment, but those peppers are worth it.  Now I see they discontinued those too!  So my pizza would basically be sauce.  Pizza Hut is now dead to me.  RIP Pizza Hut (I'll miss the cinnamon sticks).

I feel like all of our weekend junk food places have been disappointing lately too.   I even offered to just cook on the weekends, but the hubby insists I get days off.

So I am getting Chipotle this weekend. Sure they may give me some kind of food poisoning, but they'll taste good and not disappoint me!

I also highly recommend the Impossible burger at FatBurger  if you're lucky enough to live near one that already has it -- I get mine skinny style (no bun).  But it's not available at our closest FatBurger yet so this weekend will probably be the last time I get that for awhile.



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