23 January 2018

Achievment app update

So back on May 22, 2017, I signed up for the Achievement App (referral link). On January 19, 2018 I got my first $10 via PayPal. So it does appear to be legit. Obviously the more you track and do the faster you make some money. Me?

 I am not the most active person. Not even going to pretend otherwise. I ended up setting my FitBit step goal at 6k when it became obvious that 10k was not a realistic daily goal for me. The last few weeks have been extra lazy thanks to a cold/flu/MS/something. Back in December when we were in Orlando, I did hit a 16k+ and a 12k+ day but those were days when we were at the amusement park all day doing nothing but walking. An average day for me is more like 4k if I don't do any walks. I hit 9,200 steps the other day but that was a day where I did an 85 minute walk.

 I am being much better about food than I am about exercise. Decided that labeling the diet is a pain. But let's label.  Most days I am now what most people would consider "Vegan" but no Vegan would call me vegan... so.... yeah labels get to be too confusing.  I am eating mostly veggies, potatoes, beans, fruits, meat alternatives (though I am cutting back on those some), fake dairy, etc. My biggest junk food now is some veggie chips. While I planned to stay what most would call "Pescatarian", I haven't even had fish in weeks. I have found that fast food, which we do on the weekends, is tougher now. The best has been Fatburger, which was already a fave of ours, as I've been having the Impossible burger skinny style (no bun). Our closest Fatburger isn't yet an Impossible burger site, so that was mostly a winter cleaning thing while we were clearing out the storage locker in our old neighborhood.

As I said in my last post, I have lost a little weight. I think that comes more from ditching the dairy than the meat since I wasn't eating much meat when I decided to stop eating meat anyway. I haven't had any ranch in months except for the Hampton Creek Just Ranch, and even that is pretty limited now. Probably my biggest win as ranch dressing was a serious weakness of mine.

 Anyway, obviously someone like me isn't making nearly what active people are on the Achievement App but even I am getting something. Nowadays free money is free money, right? $10 here or there is at least a nice treat.

 And totally unrelated but no news on the IVF calendar front yet. My body isn't cooperating but since my cycles are irregular and I was sick, not panicked yet.



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