27 January 2018

5 pills to go...

IVF update:  I had sent an email to our coordinator the other day.  I wanted her to know we still really wanted to get a calendar going but I was on cycle day 43.  That's the longest I have gone between cycles since removing the IUD, but it's been irregular since then so I wasn't surprised.  Especially since I was sick for awhile.

She told me not to worry, that many of their patients go through this.  She was going to talk to the doctor to see about triggering it with meds.

Tonight I will start taking 10mg Medroxyprogesterone (generic for Provera).  I will take it for 5 days. I should get a period within two weeks.  If not I am to call them.  If I do, I call them and we start a calendar for real this time!  Yay!



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