17 December 2017

Probably the last IVF update of the year

Let us do one last (probably last) update of the year, shall we?

So we have accepted a profile.  There was a blood test delaying the process but I didn't know I needed it until now, so I will do that this week.  Then they requested a fourth letter from my neurologist's office. They got one early in the process clearing me.  One clearing me again showing the MS meds were flushed.  Then a third where they wanted to know how they'd treat my MS and migraines while pregnant.  Then since the answer was we don't usually treat pregnant women with anything but MS all but goes into remission while pregnant and same with their migraine patients, they wanted another letter still saying what meds they'd treat me with.  The neuro office called me frustrated on Friday saying the IVF clinic clearly doesn't understand MS because they gave them their answer and didn't understand what they were trying to get from them, but they did finally just send the third letter over again, this time amended to specify what meds are theoretically available to treat me with though they have no plans to do that.

So assuming they accept that letter and the blood test (which doesn't seem to be a disqualifier (why is spellcheck saying that is not a word?), it's more of  a info we need to know if I get pregnant kind of test) we should be able to start IVF treatment in January.

As for the profile we accepted: Obviously I will not be posting all of the details we have but I will say that the description of looks of both donors and baby pics of the male donor = borderline matches.  The female is hispanic with darker skin, which obviously doesn't match our skin but does match half of my family so I am not concerned with that.  The hubby suggested I hyphenate my name to be that of my dad's family and ours to eliminate unwanted questions if the baby is darker skinned.  But in the end we really don't care.  Interests and stuff were a really good fit, down to he wants to go into the entertainment business and her hobbies are crafty.  That part isn't a must but it did make the profile feel more right for us.  Their families both have some medical issues but what family doesn't?  Nothing in them scared my mom who has been in the medical field for decades soooo... yay!



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