17 December 2017

And the last general update of the year

Broke it up into two posts as it was too long.  Here's the last (hopefully last) general life update of the year:

Brian's work sent him to Orlando for the last two weeks.  I went with him.  We just got home late last night.  During the week while he worked I just stayed in the room working on his Christmas present.  I started a blanket for him in January, then the IAC closure hit me hard and I wasn't doing much but figuring out what to do next.  About the time we sorted that out, Dutchie got sick.  Then we lost her and it didn't feel right not having her "help" every 5 minutes.  I'd joke that she never let me work on it, but when I suddenly didn't have that help, that was when I really couldn't do anything.  Her custom urn will be here this week.  The MS med flush had me in pain for weeks.  It was just honestly a really craptastic year other than the SB and Orlando trips.  Anyway, hopefully I finish that blanket on time.  I'll post it when it's done and he's gotten it.

Back to FL.  We stayed in a Drury inn which has not just free breakfast, but also dinner, and three drinks a night.  I cannot drink three drinks a night but I did have a few while there.  The food was okay but going meat free and trying to limit dairy.... well the options for me were either nachos so not limiting cheese or a creamy pasta, or a plain potato, or a salad "bar" (lettuce and tomatoes basically).  So I ended up with lots of Wendys salads since they were next door and better than the salad available to me.  But I did have a few nights with nachos for variety.  Also killed the limited dairy with a few Frostys.  Glad to be home where I can have things like zuccini and beans for lunch.

On the weekends we did one amusement park the first weekend.  That was Universal Studios.  Brian wanted to see something he worked at so we have to do the two park thing.  I did learn a very valuable lesson.  For the record the #1 lesson I learned in Orlando was not to ride the Dudley Do Right Ripsaw Falls ride unless you are very short and flexible. Being a plus size girl didn't affect me at all on rides. But flexibility did on that ride. Needed Brian and the ride guy to give me their hands to help me get out because you have to slide down into it with your legs straight, there's a low bar at knee level so you cannot bend your legs to push you out. Got in fine. Having my legs push me out while wet and unable to move knees? Wasn't happening. Not recommended for people with long legs or flexibility issues.  Otherwise, the ride was awesome if you don't mind being soaked so bad that a day in the sun doesn't totally dry you. They have a people dryer but for $5 we figured why bother the sun will dry us.  Nope.   As for the rest of Universal?  HARRY POTTER!  I hadn't been to the one here in CA since that went in.  Got a frozen butter beer.  Came home with Snape's wand.

Disney was the second weekend.  We chose to do Animal Kingdom, because Pandora.  We couldn't do the rides as the general line was depending on who you believe a minimum of 3 hours up to 6.  Fast passes sold old weeks to months in advance and even with fast passes the lines with them were over an hour.  So that was kind of disappointing.  But we did drool over the land itself.  Brian was able to find stuff he had worked on for the movie, made it to the physical Pandora there!  Yay!  We stayed until the evening to appreciate the bioluminescence factor.  Also so many animals!  We love animals.  We learned that giraffes are bullies when we went on the night safari ride. I have such mixed opinions on things like zoos and Animal Kingdom.  Especially after the Sea World stuff. I don't want to support keeping animals in itsy bity cages and the like.  It does seem like Animal Kingdom has one of the better reputations and it was nice to see big animals with big open spaces.  I hope they're not evil.  Came home with a light up Pandora wallet and a baby Na'vi doll for our future baby.  Was very tired by then and was all let's go get the Avatar baby. Oh the look and lecture that got me on how it's a baby Na'vi.

First day home and Brian woke up early to go volunteer. My hubby is such a good man.
He ticked another box off his career goal list - a credit in a Star Wars Movie.  Haven't seen it yet and am so worn out from these last two weeks, I'll probably wait a week or two.

Now we're working on getting our nephew down here for a visit.  Will be the first time he's flown alone.

I think that's it.  6th wedding anniversary coming up, just celebrated 16 years together.   Here's hoping the next year is a good one.



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