12 November 2017

General life update

I know  I haven't been updating much.  Using this more like a very public diary than a true blog with a purpose.  Everyone I know is elsewhere so they know all of this.  I just trust this place to be here longer than those, so...  If I were smart I'd just do an actual diary in a text file or something.  All of those years on LJ make me run online to do entries.  Anyway, let's update.

We did order a custom urn for Dutchie.  I miss that kitty so much.  Will post a picture of the urn once we get it.

Still haven't eaten meat since I decided to go pescatarian.  I am trying to greatly limit dairy and fish but haven't cut them out.  I am trying to make most days vegan.  Cheese and eating out on weekends are the toughest parts (and why I officially kept dairy and fish).  Vegan cheese hasn't advanced nearly as much as vegan "meat" has.  I did skip the fish this weekend but hubby wasn't impressed with the Veggie Grill we traded it for.  He didn't hate it, it just didn't work well as a delivery food.  The fries were cold.  He also liked the Impossible Burger from The Counter better than the Beyond Burger at Veggie Grill.  He's been very tolerant of me having us try new stuff given he's still very much a meat and fries kinda guy.  I did discover he likes rice stuffed bell peppers with  meatless crumbles, so yay to that.  Cheap and easy dinner we can both eat.

The IVF journey should be getting closer to a transfer.  Despite the NP at my neuro being concerned that the flush might not have worked, the blood tests shows no Aubagio left in my system.  Yay!  Waiting to hear from the clinic about when we will be able to see profiles (or if they're going to throw some unexpected obstacle our way).  The doctor will be looking at my results and telling my coordinator whether or not he's ready for us to move forward.  We could be parents next year.  Our clinic lets you transfer one or two embryos at a time and we get three chances (or until we get and stay pregnant for 12 weeks).  I think we have decided how many to transfer each time.  So exciting!

That's about it.  Life is a weird mix of really busy and boring lately.  I've gotten back to working on the blanket I am making for my hubby for Christmas.  I started in January and am only about 1/3 done.   Eek, I know.  But between the adoption failure, trying to get IVF going, and the cat getting cancer and then losing her, it's been a crazy year and I've not truly worked on the blanket more than a few hours here and there.  Still hoping to finish it on time.  Though we'll see.   Not gonna beat myself up if I don't get it done in time.

Throw in Tom Petty's death with my personal stuff and  I am ready for 2017 to be over.  It's been a crappy year.



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