03 October 2017

The kind of lab results I'd expect.

So my lab results came back.  In order to be safe to get pregnant, they wanted to see a number of 20 or less.  My results were in the high 5k range.  So I am about to start a rapid elimination protocol to get the Aubagio out of my system.  The NP made it sound like it will be hell, at least she was honest about it.  Hopefully I survive the next few weeks without much health related dramas.  I have a pretty sensitive digestive system, so I don't expect this to be fun.  If something can wreck a stomach, I always get that side effect.

It'll be totally worth it in the end.  I just need to remember to keep that thought in my mind.

We went on a much needed mini-vacation this past weekend.  Down to Santa Barbara.  I have fond memories of going there as a kid.  We made our way to the wharf the first night and got a pretty good drink.  While walking back to the motel we ran into a young guy who was almost certainly on something.  He kept mentioning the police and said he couldn't breathe.  So me, the hubby, and a couple of ladies who also stopped to talk to him were asking him if he needed us to call someone or an ambulance.  He told us the cops were going to arrest him and they were out to get him.  We offered to get him to a hospital, but that was when he randomly ripped his shirt off and ran across the street then disappeared.  Hope he's okay.  Drugs are no joke.  Luckily it was late and there was no traffic when he bolted into the street.

The next morning we went to the Natural History Museum.  We were going to do the two day pass for that and the Sea Center to save some money but the Natural History Museum is undergoing renovation and was already half price (yay to saving money).  Then we got some coffee and headed to the Old Mission.  That place is so beautiful.  Has a rather old cemetery, I love cemeteries.

Then on our last day we went to the Sea Center where we pet a shark and held a crab.  Before heading out of town we stopped at the zoo.  We both have mixed feelings about the zoo but love animals so.... it was mostly enjoyable.  We fed lettuce to a giraffe, which was the coolest thing I have done in awhile.  Also petted a snake and not being into slithery crawly things, that was probably a big deal.  Saw the cutest otters.  Saw elephants that were there back when I was little apparently.  The only real downside was the gorillas.  Some jackhole was loudly mimicking what he thinks they sound like.  Right next to the sign asking you to Shhhh!  As they'll be out more and will be happier if you don't make a lot of noise.  I didn't see it but the guy next to us said one of the gorillas went and was pounding on the glass after that.  So rude and disrespectful of that dude.



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