24 October 2017

National Food Day and other things...

So apparently today is National Food Day, which seems like a good day to do an update on my switch to a pescatarian diet.

I have not intentionally eaten any meat since switching.  I specified "not intentionally" because I realize there is a lot of meat in products you'd never expect so... Live and learn.

Also, I have noticed that people who eat meat and vegans both get almost offended by a pescatarian diet.  It's weird to me how many people get offended if someone doesn't have the same diet as them.  My hubby still eats meat.  He's respectful of the fact that I no longer am and I am respectful of his choice to continue eating it himself.  Who cares?

I have decided that life is just easier when I keep fish and dairy, but I am also limiting them both.   Like this past weekend, we celebrated my birthday with a store bought cream cheese cinnamon roll.  Could I have found or made a vegan version?  Probably.  But it was easy and delicious.  The ice cream to go with it was  Coconut Bliss Salted Caramel, which is probably my favorite ice cream.

My first birthday dinner with this diet was from Chipotle.  The sofritas burrito bowl is actually pretty  delicious.

In other news, I will go have an updated lab test this weekend.  I am expecting the worst (that the Aubagio is still in my system) because the NP reacted to me not having diarrhea while on the rapid elimination meds by saying "Oh, No".  We'll see.  Not sure what we do if it's still there.  I think the only other option is activated charcoal.

And finally, it's been over 100 degrees here.  In late October. So over this weather.  MS and heat don't mix.  I only have the energy to sit and do nothing.  Hopefully we get a cool down soon, but doesn't seem to be one in the immediate forecast.



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