25 October 2017

Lush Birthday Haul

So for my birthday,  I asked for Lush.  Never tried it.  Heard lots of good.  So why not?  I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived today (Wednesday).

The first thing to note is that many products will not hold up well to heat.  Despite being late October, we've been in the 100+ range.  So two items (Scrubee and Wiccy Magic Muscles took the worst hits).  To be fair Lush does have a little icon on the ordering page warning it may melt in warmer climates (not that I knew what that meant having never ordered from them before) and it's just common sense that stuff like this will melt.   It's also late October and this is unusual even for California, so I just wasn't thinking.  Luckily I think it will recover well after a little time in the fridge.  If only I had ordered a day or two later.  We're supposed to be back down in the 80s tomorrow.  Cannot wait.  MS and heat do not mix.

The only thing that I ordered that I have already tried is the Boom! Toothy Tabs.  I wasn't sure what to expect as people seem to either really love them or likes the results but hates the taste.  I ended up being fine with the taste.  Who doesn't want to have black charcoal foam drooling out of their mouth as they brush?  My teeth did feel really good after brushing and later after I ate lunch, my teeth still felt clean. They don't have fluoride, but I use a prescription fluoride gel separate from my toothpaste anyway, so I'm covered still.

I'll admit that I probably could have used my birthday money a bit wiser at Lush, but they have a Halloween set wrapped in a black cat scarf called Bewitched (seems to be sold out online now).   Having just lost our black kitty, I was a sucker and needed that set.  It even has a purple bell!  Oh how Dutchie hated the bell.  She definitely took advantage of going collarless during her final days, no jingle to give away her hiding spots.

Lush does sell tins for storing their products.  But again, I used up a lot of my birthday funds on the kitty set.  And also I had just emptied two different round containers (one was a body butter and one was a hair mask).  I was pretty sure they would fit the shampoo bars no problem (I was right, they fit with plenty of room).  Also the Rubbermaid side containers are the perfect size for the shampoo bars, the Scrubee fit, the Wiccy bar would have fit if cut in two.

My total haul:
- The Bewitched set (includes the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, Pink Pumpkin bubble bar, and the Bewitched bubble bar).
- 93,000 Miles shower jelly
- Godiva Shampoo bar (for me)
- New Shampoo bar (for the hubby)
- Scrubee
- Sunkissed lip tint
- Boom! toothy tabs
- Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar
And there was also a sample of their Bohemian soap included.

I'll probably use the bathbomb from Bewitched tomorrow.  I like a nice warm to hot bath and it's just too hot for that today.   Will try to remember to post after using everything, but am just getting back in the habit of writing here, so we'll see...



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