20 October 2017

Imperfect Produce review

I decided that we should try Imperfect Produce (referral link that gets you $10 off).  

Imperfect Produce is the delivery service that promises you "Ugly" fruits and veggies at a heavily discounted price.  It should be noted that not all of the produce is "ugly", some is actually from farmers who just had an excess of inventory that they needed to sell.  Each items listing explains why it is being sold at Imperfect Produce, whether it's "ugly"/"imperfect" or from an excess.  There is a list of items to choose from each week and changes depending on what the farmers they work with have available.  Some are sold per piece while others are per pound.  If I had wanted my box to have more than one pound of apples, I could have selected more. I wanted a variety of stuff this week for our first shipment.

What I got: 
Conventional Apples - 1lb
Conventional Carrots - 1lb
Conventional English Cucumbers - 1
Conventional Kale Bunch - 1
Conventional Mini Watermelon - 1
Conventional Pears - 1lb
Conventional Yellow Grape Tomatoes - 1lb
Organic Green Peppers - 2
Organic Lemons - 2
Organic Spinach Bunch - 1
Organic Sweet Potatoes - 2
Organic Yellow Onions - 1lb

Cost: My total was $23.77 with delivery (the delivery charge is currently $4.99).  I had a intro coupon code so I only paid $14.38 delivered.  I priced the exact same produce (obviously not "imperfect") with our current grocery delivery service and that price would have been $26.81 delivered.  With my coupon code, that was a good deal.  Without it, at the regular price it would have been $3.04 cheaper than our our usual delivery.  But it would have been a more consistent quality and would have been one less delivery to worry about.  So there is a bit of a savings, just not the savings I expected.

The delivery estimate was 6pm Thursday - 6am Friday.  It arrived at 11pm’ish Thursday.  We were in the living room watching the Halt & Catch Fire finale when we heard a really loud slam up against our front door area.  Took me a second to realize it was within the grocery delivery time. Luckily I am usually home when we get deliveries  during the day, so I knew that sound… Delivery folks here don’t like walking up the step and down the hallway to our door so they just scoot it very hard  from down the hallway.  Which is not cool late at night because it’s freaking loud when it slams up against the wall/door.

I think it probably also cause the worst of the imperfections in our box.  One of the two sweet potatoes was broken.  So that already started us with a negative opinion. 

Other than that, the produce was fine.  Since it did arrive later at night I didn’t think to take a picture of the box because I just wanted to put it away and get back to our show, but here’s the most “imperfect” of the produce.  The little mark on the watermelon, one lemon looks a little bruised up and is tiny (closer to the size of a small lime than most lemons you'd see in a store), and the broken sweet potato (but again I suspect that happened from our box being slammed into our door).

Was it a good deal for me?  Don’t know yet.  I am going to see what is available next week before I decide if we’re keeping it.  I am on the fence after the first shipment.  It definitely saves on some stuff, but the stuff we actually chose wasn’t a big enough difference between it and regular local grocery prices to impress me (the carrots for example were the same price as the grocery store we ordered the rest of our groceries from) but the kiwis (that I didn’t get) would have been almost 1/2 off.  I think the watermelon was around $1 off and with groceries being what they are, $1 is $1, but that's not what I would consider a usual purchase, I mostly splurged on it because discount coupon.  So I think it depends on what you buy.  And you cannot see what is available in your area without signing up for an account.

In our case, you can see what they have Starting Monday for the Thursday night - Friday morning delivery.  I’ll see what they have Monday to see if we’ll be using them again.  But right now, I think I might just stick to having our produce delivered with our groceries so I can get what I want, have less deliveries, and not have a heart attack in the middle of the night when the carrots and onions start slamming into my door.

I like the concept, but in reality... leaning toward not impressed. Being in Southern CA where there are many farming communities, .I think I expected bigger discounts and a bigger selection.  I guess we'll see next week.



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