06 October 2017

Dutchie is home + trying pescatarian

Dutchie came home to us today.  Her paw print shows her claws, which is about the most Dutchie thing ever.  She never learned to fully retract them.  Still working on a picture for her custom Etsy urn.

In totally unrelated news, I have decided to try switching my diet to pescatarian (vegetarians who eat fish - some eat dairy, some don't).  I don't think it will be that hard for me except for when we eat out.  I was having bacon once a week.  I already don't have a lot of dairy and no cow milk as it wrecks my stomach in ways other dairy doesn't.  I wanted to keep dairy in the mix because I really haven't had a vegan cheese that I liked and I do like yogurt now and then.   Also the hubby isn't going this route but will eat the meals I cook.  I want to be sure there are cheeses he likes too and paying for vegan and non vegan cheeses was just too much.  My fave salad dressing is also yogurt based.  Still undecided about whether or not I will eat eggs, they're already pretty limited in my diet.

I am considering trying Imperfect Produce and Chef'd but we already pay a grocery delivery service and would still need it for some things, so I am not sure I want to split everything up from different places.  Gonna look at the finances of it and see if it makes any sense.

Guess we'll see how it goes.  I have no problem with people who eat meat.  Meat is pretty delicious.  I've just seen too many stories of how animals are treated before becoming food and cannot add to that.  I realize that some people would say there's no point if you keep dairy and fish.  I get their point but for now, I just want to try meat free.  Chicken and turkey will be the toughest for me as they were my usual fast food choices.  Also I grew up in Santa Maria which is pretty much known for its tri-tip (and strawberries - thank goodness those are safe in this diet)  and while I wasn't eating tri-tip  regularly now, we did have it once every year or two.  

I am hoping it affects my weight, but honestly I added walking and got rid of soda  and those changes didn't affect my weight.  Being borderline hypothyroidism hasn't helped, neither has going on and off so many meds for migraines and MS the last dozen years or so.  So I don't truly expect it to help much.  A girl can dream though.



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