20 September 2017

Just checking in

I don't really think anyone reads here anymore since we all moved to social media sites, but may as well keep updating now and then.

Our kitty is still with us but she does struggling with eating a bit more than we like.   She mostly sleeps during the day.  Then at night she tells us off for giving her medicine.  Gets a wipe down because the drool makes her fur a bit nasty.  Then the meds kick in and she's a playful little piggie (mostly prescription / high calorie food but she tends to be finicky and also likes the gravy on some other foods - which ones she likes seems to change daily).

IVF journey is moving along.  We have our appointment with the high risk OB next week.  After that we're eligible for profiles with our IVF clinic.  The only thing we'll that will delay that at this point is  some lab work to test levels of my MS drugs.  It has to all be out of my system before I start IVF.  That got delayed because the drug rep that supported my neuro's office has left and the drug company  never replaced her.  So their contact at the drug company is currently someone who doesn't seem to know anything about how this test works.  The drug company pays for it, but only if the doctor prescribing the med gets listed on their account at the lab.  They did everything they are meant to do for that to happen, and nothing has happened.  Two weeks later.  They keep trying and are getting no answers beyond they'll do everything they can to make it happen... and yet nothing is happening.  So today they told me to do the test as they don't want to delay my IVF process and when I get a bill, they'll help me to get the drug company pay it, since we did everything they asked and cannot wait to do the test much longer.  I love my neuro's office.  The drug companies I could do without.

That's about it.

Hopefully by the end of the year, we'll have gotten a match and will be pregnant.  Fingers crossed.



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