03 July 2017

Travelers journals

So I may have become slightly obsessed with the idea of travelers journals.  If you don't know what that is, you can click here to get lost in the never ending YouTube search on them.  But essentially they're just a journal or planner cover that you can refill but instead of rings to hold the paper, there are elastic bands.  It means you can have an art journal and a planner all in one on the go.  You don't have to find rings to store old used up journals or planners.  Etcetera.

I did not want to spend a fortune on this.  I already have paper and journals.  I just want something where I can keep a paper calendar for the IVF/FET journey.  Also I want an easier way to keep random sketches and doodles.

The most common of these traveler journals seems to be the Midori Traveler's Notebook (Affiliate link).  But I find their look too plain.  I wanted something more than a generic plain leather or faux leather book.  They also tend to be a bit more expensive than I hoped to find.  Afterall, it is just a journal cover (though some do come with

The Mermaid
Butterfly Girl
I considered making my own, but seriously didn't feel like fabric shopping.  So I kept looking. In my YouTube searches, I found that Michael's  has their own store brand version (Traveler Notbook by Recollections).  It seems to get mixed reviews, but I was heading in the right direction.  I actually almost stopped there given the Michael's 40% off coupon.  But I wanted to be sure that was what I really wanted (despite being in the Los Angeles area there's no store convenient to me to go look at them and many are in-store only).

Then I stumbled upon the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Book.  It's the same concept as the other books but with pretty covers.  I ended up buying three of the currently available four covers (2 I found on eBay for cheap and one I bought at  Michael's using the current 40% of coupon).  The cover that I did not purchase is just a blank canvas.
Three Sisters

Then I saw the pockets and had to get those too.  I only bought one of the paper inserts (watercolor) because I have a ream of paper that is somewhat thick for the printer, but is perfect for making my own little inserts from.   They also sell a pack of extra elastics  for adding more inserts and a charm.  I considered it, but I've seen a few complaints that the charm breaks easily and so I just bought a larger pack of generic colored elastics that would cover all three covers.

If you like the concept of traveler's notebooks, but aren't thrilled with the option, I would suggest making your own.  Even if you cannot sew, there are simple ways to do this.  The way that I personally think would work best is to modify a small plastic binder or photo album like this one (bought it ages ago and forget where, so cannot link to it but it's a pretty common folder or photo album style of cover -- sort of a flexible plastic sheet).  If you find the right size of three ring binder in this style, you could remove the rings and already have three holes for the elastic (top and bottom for the elastic that holds the inner books and the middle one for adding a closure).  Alternatively you could use a thin vinyl or plastic placemat cut to the right size and punch holes in it.  Or if you find a regular journal cover you like (I think the leather/faux leather embossed ones would work well) but still want to use the separate removable calendars and sketchbooks, you could remove the paper from the cover and then again just bunch the holes for the elastic.



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