30 July 2017

Temporarily stalled

We went the high risk ob/gyn appointment and got told they will not see me until AFTER I am pregnant.  Um.  Okay why did the person who scheduled my appointment agree to schedule the appointment then?  So that pretty much ruined my week last week.   Still waiting to hear if just having a doctor ready to go is good enough for the IVF clinic.  Some say that is all they needed, while others say nope, needed a report.  Guess we'll see soon.

Otherwise still waiting for my cycle to come back after the Mirena IUD removal.  My regular ob/gyn office basically just told me it'd take about two months to get back to normal.  Internet says three months is normal.  I am right at the two month mark.  So just waiting...  Really wanting my cycle to come back.  I need to get this test done in August so I can pay in advance and save a chunk of money as their prices go up in September,



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