06 July 2017

Fit Bit update

I figured it'd be a good time to do a Fitbit update.  Honestly, my update is that I am doing fine with it but only after I downgraded my goal (again).  Originally I went for the default 10k and I could do that if I did a couple of hours of walking.  Then I realized it was a stretch for me to make that goal daily so I downgraded to 7,500 -- a much more realistic goal for someone with MS.  Was doing fine with that and then Summer hit.  If you don't know what heat + MS = the answer is nothing good.  So I have once again downgraded my goal to 6k steps per day.  Much more realistic. Hitting it most days.  The biggest problem I have is that I just don't have the energy until late at night when it cools down.  I'm having to cram about 2,500-3k of those in between midnight and whenever I fall asleep (during Summer that is generally between 3-4 am).  So my #1 lesson learned about Fitbit is take you time to find a realistic goal for you.  You can always upgrade it later.

 Unrelated but both myself and the hubby have scheduled appointments to donate blood to Children's Hospital L.A. since they put out a request for donors.



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