10 June 2017

Slowly getting back to normal + grocery delivery

Yesterday was the first day since removing the IUD that I felt at all human.  Actually got my steps in. Go me!  Did make me feel a bit run down, but I'm definitely starting to feel like my body is slowly adjusting to that hormone crash.

In completely unrelated news:
We're doing a test the next few weeks, using Amazon Fresh to deliver groceries.  We have been using Instacart.  We find that Instacart is really hit or miss.  We do like that they offer the ability to suggest replacements (or refund) so if the store is out of an item, you still have options.  The biggest problem is that we started using Smart and Final as our main store.   Sometimes they use the store near us (which usually has most or all items) and sometimes they use the store in a much more popular store that is always out of everything.  And I do mean EVERYTHING.  Last week was the hubby's birthday so we added some Ben & Jerry's to the list to splurge.  They had none and no alternatives.  For real?  Most of our weekly dinner items were out as well.  Basically we still had to go grocery shopping ourselves.  It's gotten to the point where we have been asking what we're paying them for.

So it's time to try Amazon Fresh for a few weeks and see who we like better.  We have a routine because the hubby is pretty picky so adding in new foods or meals is risky.  We had to edit our meal plan a little as Smart and Final was more about bulk and large family sizes while Amazon isn't so much.  Wasn't too big of a deal, assuming they have everything we ordered.  We liked the big sizes as it meant ordering some staples less often and a slightly better deal.   Amazon Fresh seems to be pretty good about saying what isn't in stock and when it will be though, so that's promising.  Instacart still has an item on their page for Smart and Final that was discontinued a year or two ago.  I told them that.  Still there as available for delivery.   Also Instacart added a shady additional charge awhile ago (that you can remove but you have to know to do so as it's not on the part of the page you're looking at as the main part of the page is asking you to pick your time or enter and ID if you ordered alcohol).  So you tip and then they add a "service charge" that they claim goes to shoppers.  But everyone I talked to begged us not to pay that as they were not seeing it, they think the company is keeping it.  Better to just add a bigger tip if you want the shoppers to make more.  At least we know what to expect from Amazon in the charges department.



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