18 June 2017

Simply Fit board

I'm a big Shark Tank fan.  Not the kind of superfan who has to run out and buy everything they have their show, but I do enjoy watching it.  After seeing the Simply Fit Board on the show, I did have to try it.

I've been using it to help me get in my "steps" as I seem to get in more steps more quickly on this than I do when walking.  I wouldn't take that to mean this is too easy.  I feel it within a few minutes.  While most talk about how good it is for your core, I feel this the most in my legs.

I've also seen some people say you could just twist on the floor.  Yup, you can.  You'll miss the balancing aspect that seems to be a part of why you do feel this.  I can do the same number of twists on the floor and not feel it at all where as my legs were already kind of screaming (well, they were at least whimpering). If you don't care about the balance aspect, they make boards that are only for twisting.  Probably better for your floors than twisting directly on them.

Because I have Multiple Sclerosis, working on my balance is of huge importance to me.  This definitely helps as I am feeling a little less wobbly on most days.  On my bad days though, it's a real challenge to stay balanced on this.  For those with severe balance issues, I either wouldn't try this, or I would have a spotter (or a piece of furniture) within grasping distance to prevent falls.  I did start using this next to a dresser, but now feel comfortable enough to use it in the open space in our living room.

We have hardwood floors and one room with a large area rug.  I only use this on the area with the rug. It is plastic.  It will damage your floors.  A mat of some sort is pretty much a necessity (yoga mat, small rug, welcome mat, etc).  Even if your floors are carpeted, I would be careful if you use it in the same area.  It will wear down carpets.

At first I found myself moving the board around a lot, and not on purpose.  As your balance improves this will improve as well.  Also another reason to have a mat / rug under the board.

Results?  Too soon to tell.  I've been using it every day for about a month?  Maybe a little longer.  Before that it was just a random thing now and then.  And this month isn't a great one for checking my weight due to unrelated circumstances (namely the IUD removal and how my body is all out of whack).  I'm not stepping on the scale until my body feels back to normal but I can say that while I don't see a change, I do feel some muscles that I didn't feel before, even if they're not visible.

My biggest problem with this board was actually with my first board.  Yeah, my current one is my second one.  I used the first one maybe 5-10 times.  It cracked at the top of the board right in the middle.  I am a big girl but am nowhere near their professed weight limit of 400 pounds.  How it cracked with almost no use and by someone well under the limit?  I have no clue.  I've seen many others complain of the same thing.  However, their CS was excellent.  I was able to replace my board with two instead of one by paying shipping on the second board (mine was older and they were ending support for it soon).

This board has been used significantly more than the first board and is fine.  I am not sure if they changed something in the manufacturing or if I just got one from a bad batch or what, but I am much happier with the replacement than I am with the first board.

For those who have limitations in their workout abilities, I'd recommend this.  For workout fiends, it's probably not going to interest you.

The only easier / funner way I know of to get moving is with a hula hoop.



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