12 June 2017

Pre-emptive nesting

Hubby came home sick so I didn't get back to working on his Christmas blankie as he cannot see it. Instead I started some organizational cleaning types of stuff that is semi-overdue. By the end of the year, I'd like to have all of my stuff here and in the storage locker by our old apartment all organized and another big donation made. No point in keeping a big old storage locker for years when at least half of it should be donated. Also we can get a smaller storage closet in our building here.  

Yeah I've been wanting to do this since we moved here and dumped a bunch of stuff in storage. And I do mean dumped. It's not exactly in the fall on your head overstuffed kind of overwhelming. It's more like we tried to start by putting those Rubbermaid tubs in nice neat stacks and by the end of needing to get out were more like just throw it wherever kind of overwhelming.

Assuming we do get pregnant this year, I'd like to have it all done before I am in mama mode and won't want to deal with it. Pre-emptive nesting. But we'll see if it actually gets done. We've been talking about this kind of thinning of the stuff for at least a year.



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