16 June 2017

IVF update: Another failed call...

We were supposed to have our informational call with the clinic last week.  That turned out to be the second failed call.  Here's hoping that next week's third attempt is the charm.   I wish they would just make a video as I have already been warned they literally read you a script.  They tell you they're reading a script.  Seems like it would take a lot of unnecessary work off of their shoulders.  Calls or email could be saved for follow up questions.  I only have a few questions, having already read a lot about their program.

Got my mammogram results.  All clear.

I changed the look of my page.  It had been my art.  Decided to use someone else's art/template as it's too cute and it was time for a change.

Have been failing at the Fitbit goals these last two weeks.  Between the IUD crash, then the sinus infection, and now the heat my goals are too high and they were set pretty low.  Hopefully the IUD crash and sinus thing are almost done.  I can somewhat take on the heat problem by doing everything right in front of the AC unit.



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