22 June 2017

Hunger strike cat

So our cat is obsessed with Natural Balance Catatouille.  It seems that every cat is as it's usually $5-$10 more than all of the other flavors in the same line.  When our adoption agency went broke, I went into penny pincher cheapskate mode as one is prone to do after a large financial loss.  So we switched her to another flavor.  She ate it just fine.  Recently it was either on sale or had a price drop so we bought some to mix in with the second fave flavor of hers.

She's now pretending to be on some kind of cat hunger strike every time she gets the usual flavor instead of the Catatouille.  Oh she'll eat it.  But she acts all offended.  Wants you to put a drop on your finger first and let her taste test it.  Move it away from the usual food spot.  Etc.  Put the Catatouille down?  Nom nom nom nom.   Honestly, she's probably gonna end up with Catatouille on the next food order.  Cats are good at getting their way.  That or try yet another flavor in the line and hope she's game.




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